You’ll Be Surprised How These 5 Gestures Would Completely Bedazzle Him On Your Next Date!

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Pondering what to do and what not to do in front of him? Reconsidering your actions perpetually?

Don’t dread for we are here for you. These are tried and tested methods that work like a charm.

Here are 5 gestures that are sure to leave him awestruck on your next meeting with Mr. Perfect.

  1. Remembering Small Details

Retaining the big moments in a relationship is easy. But an eye for detail is something that all men appreciate. Bring out the small details and the man will love you even more.

  1. Your OCD is Okay

Think your relentless endeavor for perfection wouldn’t bode well with him? Chill out, he finds it cute when you try and fix details to perfection your way.

  1. Element of Surprise

Surprises always make a long-lasting impression. He will love you for it. A classic token of love that will make him feel pampered. Could be anything from a gift to a sudden kiss. You can get as creative as you like.

  1. His health is your priority

Caring over the text or while you’re together is a great gesture. It gives him a sense of security and value that goes a long way.

  1. Intellectual Conversations

Men usually prefer a high intellect quotient in women. Don’t act dumb all the time as it will not yield any good results. Try to have an intellectual conversation next time and you’ll see the results.

We’ve given you the pointers. You’re the one who’ll have to act. However, don’t confine to these five pointers alone. Connecting on a personal level and following intuition is also integral. But we’ll always have your back.

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