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Secrets To Shop At Sarojini Nagar Market Without Crying

A dream destination for every girl – Sarojini Nagar Market is Delhi’s most famous Flea Market. From designer bags and stylish clothes

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A dream destination for every girl – Sarojini Nagar Market is Delhi’s most famous Flea Market. From designer bags and stylish clothes to fashionable jewelry, Sarojini Nagar market never disappoints you. The market is known for export goods which are branded and cost a lot less than the actual showroom price.
However, visiting Sarojini(this is what Dilli wallahs say)is a bit challenging because at first, you need to drag your friend to come with you. Secondly, you need to memorize all the alleys from your last visit because that bag wale bhaiya might have shifted his place.
Even if you have that “Dilli se hun BC” attitude, still there are some tips that will transform your hectic trip into a worthwhile experience-

First and foremost, be patient! It is essential to keep patience as you will see a lot of people strolling in the search of shoes, bags, clothes, or whatever.

Carry cash and keep it safe with you (well, that’s the highlight) as in most shops it’s all about cash and pickpockets (sometimes).

The best time to visit Sarojini Nagar Market is on Wednesday as they have new stock to display. But, remember don’t lose your sanityamidst the rush! Don’t forget to check the size of the clothes properly before you buy.

The vendors give your purchases in the world’s thinnest plastic bags which tear within minutes. So, don’t forget to carry a tote bag to store your purchases in.

Carry a water bottle with you in summers to beat the heat!

Cool off the busiest day at the DLF South Square Mall which is right next to the S.N. market!
Remember, Sarojini shopping has no fixed price. Bargain till you get a fair quote even if the vendor is selling “fixed price”.So, brush up your bargaining skills before visiting the market.

What to Buy?

Shopaholics will certainly have the best time exploring amazing items in accordance with their needs and penchants.

You can buy denim jackets, shirts, dresses– but don’t forget to bargain!

Check out funky bags, clothes, and other accessories as per the season.

You can find clothes on hangers, racks, shops; so just swing in and purchase whatever you feel like. Accessories, heels, tank tops, short skirts, handbags, tote bags, purses, culottes, shorts, etc., you name it and they have it.

Everything from bridal outfits, traditional clothing, vests, shrugs, stockings, camisoles, stockings is available in a huge variety of colours, sizes, and designs. Don’t fall for “fixed price” tag!!

The market has a wide range of accessories like scarves, hair pins, sling bags, and clutches that you can buy at most economical prices. A huge range of accessories at the cheapest price leave you with no reason to limit your purchases.

Dilli wali Recommendation:

Take a trip to just to have fun bargaining and appease your senses with the amazing experience.
Get going to Sarojini Nagar Market and shop till you drop!

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