Men Are Better At Games Than Women? Think Again!

Woman or man – who is better at playing games? Let us find out

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Literally, women are better than men when it comes to games, video games. Don’t believe me? Read on.

According to the latest survey by CyberMedia Research’s Insights on the Go program that polled 2000 smartphone owners, women are way more active gamers than men

95% of the women surveyed are active mobile gamers as compared to 86% of the men. The interesting part is that 75% of surveyed indicated playing games for up to 2 hours on their smartphones with women leading the pole with 78%.

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Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence group, CMR said that, “The CMR Insights on the Go Survey results have broken some of the most common notions associated with mobile gaming. Women are active in gaming. Yet, it is true to say that they prefer some unique games and stick with free-to-play games, and generally speaking, avoid in-app purchases. They are hyper-casual gamers and very much underserved. For the gaming developer community, this cohort represents a significant opportunity.”

The main benefits that were given by the women are that games are a major source of stress buster and mood elevator. They help as a distraction from the constant work pressures and daily routine. Also, the convenience of playing games anywhere and anytime was also cited as one of the reasons.

Satya Mohanty, Head-User Research Practice, CMR explains:“Ranging from professionals playing mobile games in between breaks at work, or while on the commute, to women playing games at home amidst breaks from chores, to elderly women keeping up with technology, the demographic profiles of female gamers spans across age groups.

The survey suggested that the four most popular mobile games among women were PUBG Mobile, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and word puzzles.

So, what game are you playing at this moment, women?

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