Gift of A Failed Relationship Can Work Wonders To Your Career

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Being in a relationship is quite a unique feeling. You get to learn a lot of stuff! My brother once told me that he learned the art of recognizing a good scent from one of his girlfriends. I had the pleasure to learn the art of patience, in the months of my relationship, when I was in college. It was a beautiful time, to be honest; during those days, she improved my spoken English and also, made me discover that I could write content. One should give credit where it is due. My writing skills are a byproduct of me having a relationship.

I was glad, for a brief period, that someone came into my life improved me and, then left. Still, there are cases where the wrong choice of a comrade can turn your life upside down. Nonetheless, it again comes down to you how well you dust off yourself from that dull phase and move on. Just the way Niki Mehra did.

Niki Mehra is a self-confessed Delhi girl, born and brought up in the capital. Unlike other kids who dream of having a professional degree, she had a passion for fashion coupled with good academic records. Quite a combination!

Like others, she too fell for a guy who was the crush of her class. Got his BBM pin and the two chatted and, in a few months, started to date each other. Everything was fine until she got an offer from a big company. However, when one is in a relationship, these immaterial offers rarely makes sense and, all you care is about your partner. The same happened to her, her partner convinced her to follow him in the pursuit of getting a masters degree.

Unsure of her career, she agreed and, applied for a college with him. Again, she got a good college and he didn’t. So, he blamed her because he couldn’t crack a good college and, started to ignore her. One night when she was going home, her cab driver suffered a paralysis attack. Stranded on the road, not knowing how to drive; she called him, who somehow lived near that place, but he didn’t revert. At last, she had to call her friends, who rescued her from that situation.

When she met him after a couple of days, she learnt that he was cheating on her and, was ignoring her because she outclassed him every time. This shattered her. However, she moved on and started her fashion blog — which she wanted to do a long time ago. From then, she has never looked back. She devoted herself on that stuff and got an invitation from London’s Fashion Week, got a chance to interview Rihanna and, so much more.

We are surrounded by people who are envious of our progress. They will try to pull you down, they will say koi na agli baar karlena, arrey humara bhi toh nhi hua and all sorts of things. However, it is up to your intelligence how you deal with them. Initially, Nikita failed to heed but she figured out that he was not the guy who will celebrate her success. Furthermore, the way she moved on and placed herself on the map is commendable. One should learn from people like Niki!


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“I was a confident child with big dreams. I’ve always had a passion for fashion, but I was great academically & after school, I got into a great college. Around that time, I had joined tuitions to get extra help. In the tuitions every girl’s eyes would be on this one guy. When I saw him, I was attracted to him too. So I asked my best friend to get his BBM pin, I added him & that’s when we started chatting! Soon, we met — I really liked him & he liked me too! Within a few months, we started dating. It was a perfect college romance — we dated for 3 years. When college got over, I got a job offer from a great company! But he didn’t & he made me feel guilty for doing better. He even convinced me to pursue a Masters with him, instead of working. Since I was unsure of my career, I agreed. I got into the top universities, but he didn’t. He couldn’t take that & started treating me like I was a nobody. Once I was on my way home, late at night. And suddenly my driver got a paralysis attack. I didn’t know how to drive & my then boyfriend’s house was nearby. So I called him & even left messages. But he ignored me. I finally called my friends to help me. A few days later, he apologised & we met again. We were out, when suddenly a girl came & started screaming at him — about how they were together, but he was cheating on her. When I confronted him, he said he cheated to get back at me, for doing better than him. I was shattered & decided not to see him again. I realised that I had wasted a lot of time on him & that had to stop. I didn’t want to study further or get a corporate job. So I started a fashion blog, something I’ve always wanted to do. Finally, I didn’t have anyone pulling me down— so I went for it & gave it my all. Soon, my blog became so successful! I’ve been to New York to Interview Rihanna, I’ve been invited to London Fashion Week & so much more! I’m doing what I like doing & feel great about it everyday. Having someone I loved, constantly put me down, was hard. But today when I see people supporting me & rooting for me to do well — it feels amazing. I’ve stopped doubting myself & letting anybody else define me. Because now, I know exactly what I’m worth.”

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