8 Things To Shut Up On While Making Love

Hey Guys, Are you intrested to know some important facts about the good sex life and a good relationship.? if yes, so you should go through this post and lets check out some intresting things about the sex life, I hope you will enjoy it.

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You could be a total dynamo or a prude in bed, either way, sex can sometimes be demanding and confusing. It also depends on how long you have been together with your partner and better know his likes and dislikes. Still, you never know! Sometime it doesn’t take much to turn off. If you are going to do- do it in happy way. To help you out, we have rounded off the top 8 things that you should absolutely refrain from saying during a hot love making session. Check it out ladies-

1.       I can’t feel it 

2.       You woke me up for that?

3.       Don’t ruin my make-up

4. My ex loved this!

5. Don’t kiss 

6.       Ok! I gotta go.

7.       I am bored 

8.       When did you last take a shower?

Talking during sex is not mandatory, after sex may be its amazing when you can share your inputs with each other for next lovely night. Make things happening with each other, don’t spoil them.

Shhh… and don’t forget to share all these tips with your lovely ladies.

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