7 Myths That Make Your Period A Horror Story!

The debate about mensuration is coming out of the Darkest Ages. However, some common myths about periods continue ………

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The debate about mensuration is coming out of the Darkest Ages. However, some common myths about periods continue to circulate from one generation to another. Let’s find out the truth about the periods.

Don’t Wash Your Hair or Take a Shower When You Are Menstruating

There is absolutely no reason not to take a shower or wash your hair during your periods. In fact, a nice bath with lukewarm water helps you relieve menstrual cramps and premenstrual stress.

You Shouldn’t Workout or Do Rigorous Activities During Menstruation

It was once treated as an illness during which menstruating women were asked to rest, stay home, and didn’t socialise. This view on periods is clearly left over from religious views and practices. In short, people need to understand that menstruation is a normal function, it is not a disability.

It is Harmful to Have Sex During Menstruation

There is no health risk associated with sexual intercourse during menstruation. While some women may feel a bit uncomfortable about having sex during periods, it is perfectly fine to go ahead and have sex. There is a piece of evidence to suggest that it may help relieve menstrual cramps and tension. Go ahead, it’s not a taboo!
You Can’t Get Pregnant From Sex When You Are Menstruating

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant from sex even when you are menstruating. If you have an irregular cycle or bleed a bit longer than average, your fertile window may overlap with your period. In such scenarios, it is best to assume there are no safe days to have sex without the risk of getting pregnant. Thus, always indulge in safe sex!

You Shouldn’t Use Tampons During Your First Periods

There is no reason you shouldn’t use tampons during your first period. But you need to read the instructions and insert the tampon properly. A correctly inserted tampon doesn’t cause any irritation or discomfort.

Women Who Spent A Lot of Time Together Menstruate Together

Initial research in the 1970s suggested that body chemicals called pheromones harmonized the cycles of women living together. However, further studies failed to support those findings and stated it as a random event. Until today, there is no evidence to substantiate this fact.
In a nutshell, we need to bust these myths.
Happy menstruation to you!

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