6 Sure-Shot Ways to Hide your Bulging Belly with the Right Clothes

So, you have gained a lot of fat around your tummy area and the feeling that you have nothing to wear to hide that ‘evil bulge’ is just killing you badly?

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Your waist may disappear and you will start to develop an apple body shape. Fortunately, there are numerous things you can do to hide that bulging tummy so that it doesn’t get in the way of looking fabulously stunning!

Check out our 6 tips on how to hide your bulgy belly with the right clothes.

  • Don’t wear clingy or tight clothes over your belly and choose tops with drape

A cross over top is very comfortable and this one creates asymmetrical vertical lines which are an extra bonus.

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  • Wear skinnies or leggings with longer, asymmetrical, and draped tops

Stretchy pants or skinnies that tuck in the tummy will be your saviour. Ensemble them with long tops and tunics, no one will notice your tummy!

  • Create vertical lines with long jackets, ponchos, and cardigans

Layering is the best disguise! Also, it is much easier to do during fall and winter, when you will want to use layers to keep yourself warm.

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But, how to layer in peak summer?

You can still layer in scorching summer, you just need to choose lighter fabrics. Instead of a cardigan or a long sweater, you can choose a vest. Also, it will save you from sun tanning.

  • Wear tops over your pants or skirts and don’t tuck them

Tucking draws huge attention to your bulky waistline so better to avoid that. This is because if you tuck in your top, you will create a line across your belly.


  • Go for dresses that don’t cling or/and have a draping element

It is important to ensure your dresses don’t cling around the belly area. Dresses with a draping element around the waist lime often work.

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  • Choose tops with prints

Prints play an important role in hiding bulky bellies and you should definitely consider adding a few in your closet would be a great idea.

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What are your best tips to hide bulky belly?

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