We Bet That 2/3 Comic Book Fanatic Will Fail To Pass This Quiz

Well, if you call yourself a comic book fanatic then my friend, here is a quiz to test how much you can answer (rightly).

So, ready? Here we go:

  • What is Joker’s nickname?

    • The Laughing Fish
    • Mr Chuckles
    • Mistah Riot
    • Clown Prince of Crime
  • Who was Joker’s assistant before Harley Quinn?

    • Bud Abbott
    • Lou Costello
    • Captain Clown
    • Gagsworth. A. Gagsworthy
  • What fuels a Green Lantern ring?

    • Willpower
    • Fear
    • Anger
    • Denial
  • What species is Venom?

    • Kryptonian
    • Symbiote
    • Inhuman
    • Celestial
  • Deadpool is an imitation of which Hero?

    • Captain America
    • Deathstroke
    • Superman
    • Iron man
  • Who was the first Robin?

    • Dick Grayson
    • Tim Drake
    • Jason Trodd
    • Damian Wayne
  • Which team is in inflexion with Doctor Doom?

    • Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Justice League
    • Doom Patrol
    • Fantastic Four
  • How does the Joker want his past to be while his backstory remains unknown to people?

    • Up for interpretation
    • Just a joke
    • Nobody’s business
    • Multiple choices
  • The Cable is the son of which X-men?

    • Gambit
    • Cyclops
    • Wolverine
    • Beast
  • Apocalypse is the World’s first _______

    • Mutant
    • Villain
    • Avengers
    • Guardian
  • What is Galactus nickname?

    • The Ancient One
    • The Almighty Galactus
    • Devourer of Worlds
    • The Supreme

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