Only a true Andaz Apna Apna fan can Answer these 10 Questions Right

Humare sawal 10, option 3 aur aap ka jawab 1. Let’s see who gets this right!

  • What was the name of the person who gave Amar his haircut in Taj Mahal Hotel’s salon?

    • Tina
    • Meena
    • Rosie
  • What was the name of the company Amar and Prem owned in the bus?

    • Mehta and Group, Chaudhary and Sons
    • Shah & Group and Thakur & Sons
    • Choudary & Group and Mehta & Sons
  • What was the name of the bank from where diamonds were withdrawn?

    • Sanskari Bank
    • Janta Co-op Bank
    • Jankalyan Bank
  • What was the message printed on Prem’s wallet?

    • Buri nazar wale tera muh kala
    • Chor tera muh kala
    • Pocket maar tera muh kala
  • What was Bhalla’s full name?

    • Vinod
    • Lion
    • Mahesh
  • In which sport did Robert claimed to champion?

    • Long Jump
    • Shot-put
    • Long Jump
  • What was Teja’s full name?

    • Shyam Gopal Bajaj
    • Ram Gopal Bajaj
    • Lakshman Gopal Bajaj
  • Robert offered whose gun to Teja?

    • Vasco Da Gama
    • Tipu Sultan
    • Ibn Batuta
  • What was the “firauti” amount given by Amar and Prem?

    • Rs 50 lakh
    • Rs 9865.50
    • Rs 8535.29
  • What was the total time Raveena’s father set for the meeting with Amar and Prem?

    • 3 minutes
    • 6 minutes
    • 5 minutes

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