You Ought to Read This if You are “Working From Home”

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With half of the entire humanity under lockdown, working from home has become the new “usual”. For what might have seemed all fun in the beginning, people soon realize that this isn’t easy. You try to focus, and your mother calls out to you, or your neighbour suddenly believes karaoke is fun. If not planned properly, working from home can be an utter disaster. But dread not, we have a solution.

From energy fluctuations to distractions, developing these habits can help you tackle the worst. Scroll through:

  • Plan in Advance


Planning is everything. Since you are your own master now, planning the next day a night before will help you prioritize and set the right tasks for the next day. Try it once and if you get results, then “planning at night” is your huckleberry.

  • Wake up Early

wake up early

We might get a lot of hatred for this, but we cannot stress this enough. Successful people start their day early. So, when you have such an abundance of time, use it well. Wake up early, and you will see that your mind and body have a better response to work. The best time to get all your high-value tasks completed.

  • Stay out of Bed

stay out of bed

Yeah, we know no one is watching, and the comfort of your mattress is indeed tempting, but it will hamper productivity drastically. Separate your relaxing and work zones. You just can’t mix business with pleasure.

  • Assess your Productive Hours

Access your product hours

If you are not a morning person, the worst thing to do is to curse yourself over it. Better off, just assess your productive hours and plan your work accordingly. To each his own right? Use the burst of energy to get things done in a time of your choice.

  • Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Socializing is essential now more than ever to not just stay connected but to maintain sanity. If you miss your colleagues call them or drop a text. Conduct virtual meetings as managers to keep the workforce motivated. “We need each other”.

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