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Okay then; the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s concept of “Janta Curfew” worked and how! People came out of their house with plates and spoons, some clapped endlessly for 10 minutes(though the duration was 5 minutes) and some just supported the act.

In these moments of crisis, what’s really heartening to see is that our country is making a statement of intent of not bowing down to the crisis. We are a country of billions of people, out of which we have a handful of medical workers, who are working day-and-night to get the things right as they were. In this case, seeing everyone, no matter what the reason, appreciating their effort was a pretty special feeling.

Janta Curfew

Nevertheless, despite all this, some people are not taking things into their accounts. The government and its employees are working tirelessly to reduce cases of Covid-19, yet there are people who think that that the lockdown of the city has given them a chance to party the way they want.

Like seriously, a few days back, I read that the sales of restaurants have increased and some of them were open till 2 a.m.! Yes, they were. Even during the 5 minutes of the clapping of “Janta Curfew”, there were a few morons who were recording their locality, just for their Facebook and Instagram live, by moving around their bike. Seriously, do they not understand what social distancing is? Or do they not know what to during this period?

For all this, hello MR/MRS EXTROVERT, YES YOU! We at Bukchod will help you in comprehending what social distancing is and how you can make it productive.

What really is social distancing?

For the kind attention of the carrier, distancing your from the social media apps does not mean that you are distancing yourself from the infected.

We hope that your definition of social distancing was not the same.

In case it was, then please read the line below.

The idea or the concept of social distancing means that the individual has to separate himself/herself from everyone so that the infectious chain is broken.

Social Distancing

We know that a lot of stuff is important, but, at the same, it is not essential. There is a fine line between essential and important, which we don’t really understand.

So your thirst for a beer or hanging out with someone might be important for you, but it is not essential. The essential part is your health. You don’t know whether your friend or liquor shop owner is an infected person or not. So, please beware and stop going out.

What to do in social distancing?

Now, this is a very interesting question. Maybe subjective for a few. However, we in our whole capacity will try to break-down this for you.

First thing, first一 stay at home

Stay at Home during Curfew

At the moment, this is the biggest favor you can do to mankind. Please, until you are short of provision or medicine, don’t step out. Try to avoid ordering food as much as you can. This will help you big time, and for sure you will be appreciated for your effort.

Be Productive


Apart from the fact that you are working from home, try being productive and incisive with your work. The market is at an all-time low, so it won’t come as a surprise if your firm decides to freeze hiring and starts to lay-off the unproductive.

Try going for udemy, edx, Coursera or different platforms in search of free courses to negotiate yourself with this recession.

Read Books

Read Books

These are your best mates! Opt for books that give you a different insight every time you open it. In case you can’t buy them, given the current situation, try going back to the ones you have already read. You never know what you encounter while reading them.

Do Yoga


Without a doubt, this is the best thing, along with books. This will enhance your work rate. Further, yoga is something that can also be done while working. So even if you are not going to the office, you can still try some office yoga asanas to increase your productivity.

Explore ways to save money

Saving Money

As we said, the market is at an all-time low, time and money both will be damn crucial in the coming month, so try finding new channels of investment. Call your CA or trader friend and seek advice/guidance on what’s best for you. Try reading as many as articles you can, this will help you safeguard yourself for the imminent financial massacre.

Try starting your own podcast/ videos

Start Your own podcast

Everyone is special. We own our field of interest. You have no clue when your funky and quirky video or audio may go viral, and your life will turn upside down. Try making good use of this time to create something special that can push and move people.

Well, last but not least, take care of yourself and your family, there is nothing more important than that. Try avoiding going out as much as you can and please, control your extrovert instincts for some time. The nation depends on you. Cheers!

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