Why Jon Snow would make the perfect Politician?

Game Of Thrones
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We all enjoy these characters in film and television, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to have them working in the real world? Like a real job. What positions would they be perfect for, and how good will they be on the job? We’re here to answer all these questions and hope your favorite character made the list. Enjoy the read:

Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S as a Project Manager


Wow, just the perfect role. No one would suit this job as perfect as Monica Geller.

Everything would be spic and span and not to mention that nobody in their sane mind would want to get themselves in an argument with Monica. The perfect boss!

Bruce Wayne as a Martial Arts Instructor

Woah! Hold your horses there. This could be the end of all defense-related problems. Getting trained by Batman himself?

The next thing you know is every other guy is a paid assassin. Or even better, women ninjas in the workspace. What a world.

Iron Man as a Software Engineer

Tony Stark
Tony Stark could very well change the entire software landscape. Imagine a software called Jarvis on your smartphone (Goodbye Siri/Google).

An even better alternative would be him deciding to design an entire operating system. It’d be a bad time to be a hacker for sure.

Jon Snow as a Politician

A politician who doesn’t lie and has no interest in power? That’d be interesting.

Especially considering the Indian political scenario, we are in dire need of someone as worthy, skilled, and righteous as Jon Snow.

We certainly won’t send him to defend the Wall in the end.

Voldemort as a Lawyer


A beautiful Manipulator? Check. Black dress code? Check. Nose? Uhh, who needs a nose to be a lawyer, right? We got everything else, just right.

The dark lord could very well fill the court of justice with his excellent oration and the thirst to always win.

We just hope he doesn’t get his ass kicked by a kid this time. Good Luck, My Lord.

So, there you go. We got you 5 fictional characters that would be a perfect fit for the mentioned jobs. A good storming session for our imagination. We’ll be back with more.

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