What is that floating in the Pacific? The city of Manhattan?

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The marine world is something of its own with a plethora of life species as well as other natural phenomena in its entire ecosystem. It never seizes to surprise. The depths of the ocean are still unexplored. Known to house entire mountains underwater we can’t stress enough of the sheer number of species that have amazed scientists.

If the mysteries of the marine weren’t enough sailors came across a piece of rock floating in the Pacific. Before you ask yourself the very obvious question of why should you even read about a piece of rock floating in the ocean, allow us to elaborate on the dynamics of this “rock”. Well! Not an ordinary one for sure. It was a volcanic piece of solid that covered an astonishing 150 km. Yes, you heard that right.

The rock is equivalent to the size of the city of Manhattan and is currently on its course to Australia. NASA’s space satellite was able to capture a clear image of this phenomenon assuring on its pure magnitude.

How did it form?

The formation of the pumice rock is said to be a result of an underwater volcano that chipped the piece right off the mark.

How can it help?

The size might scare many but the rock has a very noble intent. It is said to accelerate marine life of Australia’s coral reef. A wide spur of marine life can attach itself to the pumice rock and be transported tens of thousands of kilometer away. The rising ocean temperatures due to global warming have disturbed the entire habitat of the great barrier reef of Australia and this just might help in replenishing and maintaining the balance in the ecosystem.

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