We have more Information on the PlayStation 5 than ever Before

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Gamers have been longing for the next generation of gaming consoles ever since Sony and Microsoft launched the so-called “slim” alterations of their respective flagships. The PlayStation 5 was unveiled in a “wired” interview last year with vague details coming to light. The almost familiar logo, AMD GPU and CPU chips, lightning-fast SSD storage and hardware-accelerated ray tracing. The details sounded promising but weren’t even remotely close to the incredibly insightful Xbox Series X launch. Microsoft fans applauded while PlayStation fanatics felt utter disdain. No matter, things have changed. With a global pandemic taking the entire world by storm, Sony decided to unveil the awaited details of their new console through an online live stream event. We have more information than ever before. Let’s jump right in.



The Storage

Mark Cerny (Sony’s lead PlayStation architect) revealed that the GPU will house a total of 36 compute units and 10.28 teraflops of computing power. A bit less than the Xbox but the difference will be minuscule.

The Storage

The SSD will see a significant increase. A custom 825GB unit pushing 5 gigabytes per second. That combined with a total of 16GB DDR6 RAM? Gamers can say goodbye to loading screen times.



The eight-core Zen 2 CPU will run up to 3.5GHZ of variable frequencies. An upgrade that will translate seamlessly into running upcoming games with maximum efficiency.

The Audio

The soundscape of the PS5 will see a significant upgrade from previous generation consoles. PS5’s Tempest Engine will be able to process 3-dimensional audio (Even on a standard TV, Stereo speakers and headphones) with a specific focus on locality and presence.

Even with all this information, Sony still lags behind in terms of the specifics provided as compared to its rival Microsoft. We already know how the Series X will look like while there is absolutely no idea on the actual physical render of the PS5. Well, looks like we just have to wait and see.

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