Types Of People Found In Any Office

No matter how many times you switch companies, every workplace in this world has its own charm and uniqueness. But there are a few things that remain

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No matter how many times you switch companies, every workplace in this world has its own charm and uniqueness. But there are a few things that remain constant wherever you work. No, we’re not talking about an evil boss or your work pressure right now. We’re talking about the types of co-workers you would find at every office! Just go through this list and let us know how many of these have you encountered at your workplace so far…

The Boss’ Favorite (Chamcha)

Yes, he’s the one we all hate! He’s the one who can get away with the biggest mistake at an office. He’s the one who we call “CHAMCHA”. This over-smart bad-ass makes sure he is making your every day miserable at work!

The king of humor

As the name suggests, this is the funny guy who is found at every office amusing people and making them LOL. He can be easily spotted in the center of a group of employees laughing and enjoying.

The Fashionista

She’s the one who makes all the heads turn at her when she enters the office. For her, every week at the office is a fashion week and every walk is, of course, a ramp walk. She is a true diva and her looks, her hair, her eyeliner, her nails, everything is on point!


The one with the poker face! No ideas to come up with. No plans to follow as such. To friends to hang out with. He usually remains silent throughout the day and just waits for the clock to strike 6 so that he can just leave!

The Gossip Gang

This gang could be a group of two or three people (more often girls) usually found in the corners of the corridor or in the washroom. They discuss several super important topics like who wore what, who went where for a date, etc. Also, they are the ones responsible for spreading that weird rumor about someone in the office.

The Love Birds

They are usually found in the corners of a cafeteria, on the stairs, etc. The most surprising thing about such lovebirds is that they think their secret relationship is actually a secret! LOL. The smoldering looks they exchange throughout the day are clearly noticed by everyone!

The Bhukkad

He is the one who is always hungry and looking forward to emptying your lunchbox. Yes, he never brings his own lunch and turns up on your table every day just like your uninvited Kanpur wali Bua ji! But on a positive note, he always helps you finish your food if you’ve had pizzas that day.

Your Companion

There’s always one person who is always on your side no matter what. This companion is your favorite company in the office and makes you survive your office quite happily. And at times, if you’re lucky, they might also end up being one of your best friends for life.

……And the list goes on..!

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