This Toyota project is surely going to shake-up the world! Read to know about it

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“Imagine a fully controlled site that will allow researchers, engineers and scientists the opportunity to freely test technology such as autonomy, mobility-as-a-service, robotics, smart home-connected technology, AI and more, in a real-world environment.”

How does that sound? How does that feel? Amazing isn’t it?

Well, for starters, these are the words of Akio Toyoda, the President of the Toyota Motor Corp. Toyota, who researches and tests robotics, automated driving, alternative fuel technology and material science in their labs around the world, is now preparing to launch its dream project.

This prototype city will be constructed on a 175-acre site at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. This city will have homes that will be endowed with human support technologies like in-home robotics to assist the daily lives of the people living there. Further, the home will also feature sensor-based AI which will sprinkle throughout to check the health and take care of the basic needs of the occupants.

Moreover, as per Mr Toyoda, this Woven City will have a fully connected ecosystem which will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Also, the Toyota community is planning to build the city with both single-family houses and apartment complexes. The residents living there will be able to classify units that are Plugged, Unplugged, or Hybrid. The hybrid houses will be available with a hybrid hydrogen car, which will be used to feed the energy back into the community grid during its dormant stage.

This is revolutionary, isn’t it? This Woven City is just not another test site. This is opening doors to something that we have seen in movies with the help of CGI effects. The city will be designed by acclaimed Danish architect Bjarke Ingels with the construction slated to begin in 2021.


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