This Sony announcement is a thrill for Virtual Gaming Enthusiasts

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Settling the rumors, Sony has finally confirmed that they are set to release PlayStation 5 in the holiday season of 2020. This also sets the season for a battle between the two most prominent rivals of the console gaming world ─ Sony and Microsoft─ as Microsoft plans to release Xbox Project Scarlett during the same period as that of PlayStation 5.

After missing out on a 4K Blu-ray drive in PS4, Sony has also confirmed that PS5 will support the 4K disk format. This was one feature that saw Sony struggle against its counterparts. With Xbox One S and X having the 4K disc drives provided an extra appeal over the PS4 for home cinema enthusiasts. However, PS5 is set to overcome that deficiency and will have an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive.

Moreover, the PS5 will support 8K video and will come with an AMD Ryzen chip — a 7nm chip on Zen 2 architecture — and a GPU from the Radeon Navi-family. All this comes with SSD storage. This kind of specification is supposed to provide fast loading, large bandwidth capability and zillions of graphics grunt. Ray tracing is on the cards and set to amaze console gamers with ultra-realistic lighting effects.

To top that, a redesigned 3D audio engine will deliver an even more immersive sonic experience without the need for any external hardware. It will work with existing TV speakers and compatible headphones.

The PS5 controller will get a complete revamp with haptic vibration feedback replacing the existing motors. Triggers will be known as adaptive triggers that will allow players to customize the trigger sensitivity and would also exhibit resistance for next-level gaming immersion.

Wondering if your ps4 games will work on ps5? Well! According to speculations, the new console will be backwards compatible with the ps4, ps3, ps2, as well as the original PlayStation. Also not to forget the next-gen games that are in development such as Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, Elder Scrolls VI and a lot more.

There might be an interesting twist with Sony this time as they are working on a 3D hologram accessory for the PS5  multiplayer games. A light emitter with an eye tracker could project an image to the user’s retina to give an impression of a hologram floating in mid-air. Plenty of announcements are expected in the run-up of the 2020 launch.

Start saving money gamers, you got a year until you willingly spend it all!

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