This is how you can stay safe in Delhi’s Air Apocalypse

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From itchy eyes to breathlessness, the pollution emergency in Delhi or entire North India for that matter has caught everyone by surprise. Even after ranking at #14 in the most polluted cities in India all eyes are on the pollution situation of the national capital and how it is handled. A health emergency has been declared with desperate measures being already implemented by the government such as shutting down of schools and the odd-even transportation scheme coming to effect. But what can you as an individual do to prevent yourself in a moment so dire? Read along as we jot down a few steps that you can take to keep yourself as well as your family safe from pollution.

Avoid going outdoors. If you have to step out, do so wearing a face mask. Purchasing the right mask is essential. Going for comfort or surgical masks is of no use as it won’t filter the toxic air and you’d eventually end up inhaling the toxins. Buy the correct mask with respirators. With AQI reaching alarming levels in major parts of the city, it is bound to damage your lungs and immunity in the long run. Children and the elderly are strongly advised not to step outside until the AQI falls from “hazardous” to “extreme”. Yes, it indeed is that serious.

Avoiding all forms of strenuous activities is highly advised. Children shouldn’t indulge in outdoor games. The same goes for the elderly on their morning walks. Work out sessions should happen indoors and that too at controlled levels. Evenings should be avoided for any form of outdoor activity as the AQI is the highest during that time.

Drink as much water as possible at regular intervals. Water helps in flushing out toxins that are in abundance in the body of people across Delhi/NCR due to the ongoing pollution scenario. It would also help you in staying hydrated for a long time.

With the government finally waking up and deploying various strategies to control the scenario, it is only a collective effort that can help protect the environment as well as individual health. The population should realize the harmful effects of the air they are breathing and prevent serious threats that it poses to an individual as well as the health of their family.

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