The Story of this Man is a proof that in this modern era saving Humanity is still an Important Task

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Life can be quite unforgiving at times, but it is the support of our close ones that play a pivoting role in our life. I still remember how I used to beat me down when I scored fewer grades or poorly performed in a match.

However, there was one man who stood like a rock behind me during that time, merely telling me to focus on what is next. That was an invaluable piece of advice my dad could have given me.

Interestingly, it was after my board’s results, I realized what a solid man he was. Though I scored decent grades, yet they were not up to me or my mother’s expectations. For that, I left my sports for a year or two; stopped hanging out with friends and did all possible thing I thought was “right” to score the grades. Nevertheless, when the results came out, things were not up to the mark, and I felt a bit betrayed by myself. Partially due to what my “very” close well-wishers would say.

I felt alone and couldn’t say much to anyone; it was that time he held me tight and stood by me. I can never thank him for that! From there, he raised me into a fearless person, a man who does not worry about the result (for a little part, I still do(giggles)). He is a true friend, a critic, and a real well-wisher.

We do share this kind of equation with our father, don’t we?

Something on a similar line, Jeetu Lalwani shared a friend like relation with his father. Due to his mother’s early working hours, it was his dad who used to make breakfast and used to look after him and his sister. Then one day, he had a meltdown in class 12th when he was not able to get grades as per his expectation. This is where his dad stayed calmed and said, ‘Sab theek ho jayega.’

With the passage of time, Jeetu Lalwani started working and was able to look after his dad, who retired by that time. However, life takes tests, and it began with his dad falling sick too often. Ambulances, which were supposed to reach his place by 5-10 minutes, used to take 30-40 minutes to reach his location. One day, his dad had a sharp fall in the bathroom; no one was at home, and the swelling which had its roots in Jeetu’s father’s leg spread over his body.

And, even then, the ambulance was not able to reach on time. As the days passed, his father’s health deteriorated, and one day, he lost him. Huh! This is the toughest part. But the worst was yet to come. He called the ambulance to take his father to the hospital but to realize that the ambulance was not coming. That day was quite dark.

These scenes haunted him. This was when an idea popped up in his mind. He was the one to realize that there was a need to fix something. He discussed his idea with his business partner and thus, came ‘Dial4242’.

‘Dial4242’ is an ambulance service devised to reach the patient on time. A plan was laid down, and the search for investors began. Nothing else matters when you want your baby to grow. This is why Jeetu left his business to focus on ‘Dail4242’ solely.

Every venture has a tough beginning, and the financial change in the government’s policy made it tougher for Jeetu. But has smooth seas ever produced skilled soldiers? He believed, and he kept on going to the point, he and his venture started to make a difference in people’s lives.

It has now been two years, and the best part is that they have reached 21 cities across India! They never hesitate to help people even if it is 3:00 AM.

It is a sure thing that his dad will be very proud of him today. Saving someone’s life is a noble deed in itself, and to work on something like ‘Dial4242’ deserves much appreciation.

This is quite an inspiration! Jeetu’s story tells us that not all start-ups work for money. Sometimes ventures are about humanity.


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“My dad was like my best friend. Mom had to go to work early in the morning, so he’d make breakfast for both me & my sister. He was always there for me—when I failed my 12th, I locked myself up in my room. Instead of getting angry, my dad kept saying ‘Sab theek ho jayega’. Eventually I started working & my dad retired. I was happy that he was finally at home. But he started falling sick often. We would need ambulances to take him to the hospital for check ups. They would say that they’d reach in 5 minutes—but make us wait for 30-40 minutes. One day, he was home alone & slipped in the bathroom. He was on the floor for an hour—without help. When I reached & saw him, his leg badly swollen. Even then, the ambulance took time to come. Soon, his age started taking a toll on him. He was even admitted in the hospital. When he came home, he was on bed rest. He’d ask for tasty food, we’d chat, hoping for things to get better—but one day, he passed away. Immediately we called the ambulance, it was meant to reach in 5 minutes—so I took his body down…but they didn’t come for an hour. I waited there, holding my dad. For days the thought of his body out in the open for an hour haunted me. I wanted to do something to fix it, but I couldn’t. At the time, I was running a business with a partner & I discussed what I felt, with him.That’s when the idea of ‘Dial4242’ came about. An ambulance service, that reaches on time. We devised a plan & looked for investments. I even left my business to focus on this. It was hard, when we started, was when demonetisation just took place—but I kept going, till the point we finally started saving people. It’s been 2 years & we’re in 21 cities across India! People have called me at 3:00 AM & we’ve been able to send an ambulance. It’s been gratifying. I’m sure if my dad was alive, he’d be so proud of me. When people come to know about the work that I’m doing, they express how inspired they are by me. But the truth is, I’m still doing this for dad. He’s the only reason why I’m even confident enough to put everything aside & help others—he’s my motivation, driving force & the only hero, of this story.”

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