The new iPad Pro? Do we really need it right now?

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With the world suffering losses on different levels due to the pandemic, tech giant Apple launched its brand new iPad Pro on Wednesday starting off at $799. Oh, and the magic keyboard will dig your pockets an extra $299 because why not. The MacBook Air also got a worthy upgrade making it an “almost” new product.

With a majority of the population calculating their grocery store receipts, Apple firmly believes that fanatics will go ahead and invest in their latest iterations. The products are significantly better from the previous launches with breakthrough technologies such as the LIDAR scanner and 120 Hz Pro Motion displays. But was this really necessary considering the current world scenario? Are these “significant” spec upgrades a ground-breaking achievement in personal computing? Maybe or maybe not, as most people will wait and buy the newer models during Apple’s scheduled yearly launch.

The pandemic situation has given light to a number of vulnerabilities in the foundations of the society that can be duly identified and rectified. Problems with effective allocation of adequate medical supplies and prison supervision for that matter. Apple has always been a symbol of change and innovation. Even with everything happening, I personally am absolutely freaked about the new iPad’s design aesthetics and the magic keyboard. But I am also sensitive to news about global lockdowns and people losing their lives at an accelerated rate.

Maybe tech giants such as Apple should at the least provide “self-fixable” products that can be meddled with without the help from the company. New launches like these are a reminder that the consumer technology market is focused on the revenue at the cost of the planet and without any considerate value to the end-user. Probably an indisputable fact that we are voluntarily oblivious about. Hopefully, the status-quo can wait during this moment of crisis. A vent for concrete change for the future?

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