The Greatest UNSUNG Sacrifice Ever Made by a Mother

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For a starting note, I would like to draw your attention towards an issue which is still running deep into our education system. Despite the fact that history is an important subject, there are many things that this subject fails to teach us. From the history of our nation to the history of our own ancestors and their people, there are so many things we are completely unaware of!

Try proving me wrong after what I am going to narrate. However, before starting, I would admit that before this, I never knew or heard about this until my recent visit to the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan. Perhaps, this is the reason why travelling is so important. It gives you so much different perspective and stories, which were never heard, read or told anywhere.

Rounding back to our story, this story is about the greatest sacrifice a human can make. This story is about Panna Dai(say the name aloud so that everyone can hear). In a world full of selfish, backstabbing, cruel, and what not kind of homo-sapiens, she was the epitome of selflessness.

Panna Dai was appointed as a maid to Rani Karnavati, wife of Maharana Sangram Singh. Panna Dai was responsible for taking care of Udai Singh(since 1522 AD), who was the son of Maharana Sangram Singh and the father of Maharana Pratap Singh.

Banvir was appointed as a regent when Maharaja Vikramaditya Singh, brother of Udai Singh, was under palace arrest for assaulting a chieftain. Banvir was a distant cousin and illegitimate son of Maharana Udai Singh’s Uncle, Prithviraj Chauhan. Banvir was ambitious and wanted to rule by capturing the throne. Thus, he planned the assassination of Maharana Vikramaditya Singh and Maharana Udai Singh. Following the same, he was successful in assassinating Maharana Vikramaditya Singh and carried the same on Udai Singh.

Panna Dai was made aware of the unwanted mishap and the storm, which was on its way to take the life of the last heir of the dynasty in the form of Maharana Udai Singh. Panna Dai, loyal and selfless, sent a maid with a basket which she hid under the leaves and instructed her to take Maharana Udai Singh out of the palace. Then, Panna Dai dressed up her son, Chandan, in the clothes of Maharana Udai Singh and lay him on the bed, where little prince Maharana Udai Singh was sleeping before he was sent out of the palace.

When Banvir came for Udai Singh, Panna Dai pointed at her own son telling Banvir that Maharana Udai Singh was sleeping. After this, she watched her own son getting murdered by Banvir. Panna Dai was successful in deceiving Banvir into believing that he killed Maharana Udai Singh. But in reality, she saved him by sacrificing Chandan.

It takes guts to sacrifice your own son, and this is the reason why Panna Dai’s sacrifice is termed as the greatest sacrifice a mother could make!

Maharana Udai Singh grew up to marry Maharani Jaivanta Bai, who gave birth to one of the bravest and courageous warrior of all time, Maharana Pratap. If not Panna Dai’s utmost loyalty and selflessness, our great nation would have never become the birthplace of the bravest Maharana Pratap, who grew up to fight the Mughal emperor Akbar at Haldighati and used guerrilla warfare tactics to later displace him.

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