That’s The Way We Met!

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“Harry, what happened? Is she picking?“ asked Avi. I was perplexed, was unsure of whether Shruti is there or not. Waking your friend, in chilly winters, just to see your girlfriend at unconfirmed place is worse than New Zealand losing to England on boundaries.

There was no sign of her and the dead look on Avi’s face made me sick. I was desperate to meet her and she not reverting left me gutted. Hence, I gave my mobile to my friend and decided to leave.

 dead look
The dead look on Avi’s face made me sick.

The memories of talking to her started to dawn in my mind.

I had come home after an intense season with my college and district team. I was focussed for the upcoming tournament. However, some things happen when you least expect them. I saw Shruti for the first time at Avi’s place, she had come to visit his sister. My eyes glued, felt butterflies in my stomach, felt as if I found my Blake Lively. Nonetheless, I got to know that she lived in Delhi and came for one day. So, no questions on what next.

Blake Lively
When I saw her, I felt as if I found my Blake Lively.


That night, I received Shruti’s request on my Instagram. I accepted it and followed her back. We started conversing. There were things which were mutual between us. Henceforth, the transition from chatting on Instagram to video calling happened quickly. Day by day, the bond grew stronger.

On New Year’s Eve, she told me she was replaced as the president of the cultural club, which left her gloomy. Seeing that I consoled her with my football knowledge, which was irrelevant then, but it worked. During that call, she confessed that she was in love with me and unknowing what to answer, I called Avi but he didn’t pick. Amidst my ambivert feelings, I replied the same and we were in a long-distance relationship.

different feeling
Entering this stuff was a different feeling all together.

The feeling of not able to meet her aghast me. Nevertheless, I never let her feel that. The next day, she told me that she was visiting my city. I took a wild guess where she could be. I went to Avi, told him everything, pulled him out of bed and took him to the mall, she liked.

Suddenly, I heard a voice; it was Avi running towards me with my phone. “She called you twice”, he said. Is she here? If not here then where? Will I be able to meet her today or not? Questions crossed my mind as I called her. The moment she picked my call, she told me that she was in the same mall watching a movie. I asked her to come out. I ran, ran as if a dog is running behind me! For a second, I forgot Avi was there; all I cared was to meet her. I reached the top floor. I saw her for a moment and hugged her. We stood there for 20 minutes it perceived like eternity.

 like eternity
We stood there for 20 minutes it perceived like eternity.


I will never forget this meeting and thanks to Avi for being a cupid to me.

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