Stop Doing this if you Wish to be More Confident in Different Facets of Life

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What you speak has a direct impact on your so-called “public image”. What most people fail to understand is that verbal expression not only impacts what people think of you but also affects a person’s overall confidence. Fret not, as you can always condition yourself in terms of speaking habits. It is never about your accent or opting for an aggressive style of speaking. It involves acknowledging internal courage and channelling it correctly.

Here are some words and phrases that you need to eliminate from your vocabulary to make way for the “confident conversationalist.”

  • Am I Making Sense?

It might make you look modest, but using this more often might lead to something completely opposite. It might lead people into wondering if you are actually making sense or not. A strong underline that might reflect if you’re indeed unqualified to speak on the matter.

  • Stop extra claiming!!!

Ohh you’re so thrilled about the new colleague joining in. Oh, I should add an emoji along with Thanks :). Adding unnecessary emotional expressions over text, email or even in actual conversations reflects personal insecurity that you aren’t “likeable enough”. This can especially come across as inappropriate in corporate environments

  • Should we do this…?

Want to seem more confident? State your ideas directly instead of framing it into a question. Expressing an opinion through a question is equal to disowning the idea altogether. It will dampen your confidence over time, making you feel that you aren’t good enough.

Instead of What if we tried? Try, I think we could…

  • Try won’t instead of can’t

Stating that you “can’t” do something reflects that you do not have the ability or skill to execute. Saying that you “won’t” be able to shows that you do not have the required bandwidth. Enhance ownership over your actions by replacing “I can’t” with “I won’t”, and you’ll be able to balance your work life better.

While it might be intimidating and hard to implement a few of the mentioned words or phrases in your daily life, the change would definitely be worth it.

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