Ssshhh… What’s That Sound? Yes, JAWA is Back!

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Motorbike lovers are going crazy over this word – “JAWA”. And why not? The king is back, and how. The legend from the past century has been resurrected for Indian lovers of true classics. JAWA launched 3 Models in November 2018- JAWA Classic, JAWA 42 and JAWA Perak. And how well did the audience accept them?

Well, online booking for the motorcycle had to be discontinued in just 2 months of its coming live. JAWA officials have confirmed reports that online bookings for these revolutionary motorbikes are on halt till September 2019. With the JAWA Showrooms further reporting a waiting period of around 8 months – patience is a clear prerequisite to own this new devil of the motorcycle world.

Deliveries of JAWA motorbikes have started from May 2019 and they are already giving a tough chase in 300 CC motorbikes market, to be modest towards the old king of Indian roads. The bikes have dominated all metrics of performance and hype is real.

JAWA Motorcycles
Credits: Bike India

Thus far, another legend “Royal Enfield” has enjoyed monopoly in the 300-400 CC motorbike category. Motorcycle enthusiasts kick-started the comparison between the two legend cruisers. Would JAWA be able to unravel the Royal Enfield dominance in the cruiser segment? Let’s first check out the history of JAWA motorcycles and then we will have a specifications comparison of both these vintage-inspired bikes.

History of JAWA

Jawa’s dominant history took the course after 1929 following the First World War when “František Janeček”, an important public figure in the Czechoslovakia Motorcycle industry, bought the motorcycle division of Germany’s automobile manufacturer Wanderer. “JA” of Janeček and “WA” of Wanderer together make the brand JAWA. The first JAWA was produced in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1929. The most famous JAWA motorcycle of all time was JAWA Perak in the 1950s and JAWA Californian from 1970 onwards helped keep the mystique around the brand alive through tough times in business.

Perak and Californion
JAWA Perak ( Left ) and JAWA Californion ( Right )

JAWA was also dominant in the Racing world and bagged many world championships. Due to its high popularity, JAWA has featured in some Bollywood movies where the famous stars were seen riding the JAWA brand motorbikes. Watch out this video where Amitabh Bachchan and Rajnikanth were seen riding a JAWA motorcycle and what racing legend FARIBORZ IRANI told about this champ Motorbike performance in old times. Don’t miss to watch at 4:10

Due to the introduction of Japan’s technology in motorcycles, giving better mileage and performance, JAWA lost the market grip and business constraints forced to stop mainstream production in 1996. Now after 22 years, JAWA has found feet on the Indian roads and is already making an impact across its community.

Specifications Comparison Chart

Time to place the legends head-to-head: it looks like Jawa is sure to give a tough competition in the 300-400 CC market to the category-favorite Royal Enfield. Let’s take a look at the below infographic that compares both motorcycles:

Comparison between jawa and royal enfield

These are the basic differences listed in the infographic while most of the other specifications are similar. Talking about the prices, to own JAWA, you have to lose extra bucks from your pocket. JAWA is placed at a little premium over Royal Enfield prices: JAWA is priced at 1.54 Lakhs (ex-showroom) while Royal Enfield 350 is available at 1.39 Lakhs (ex-showroom) in Delhi. But the riders are not criticizing these higher prices as they think this amount is worth against the performance of this cruiser.

It seems like JAWA is going to shake grounds for all-time favorite Royal Enfield. Does JAWA get to actually dominate the market? With the Royal Enfield working on Fuel Injection Engine Technology and “Harley Davidson” launching his debut motorcycle in 350 CC category in India, only TIME WILL TELL.

Lastly, let us take a look at this popular JAWA motorcycles promotion that has moved masses towards it.

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