Shoo away the fear of Holding Hands! Here is a Study which reveals that holding hands is actually good for Emotional Health

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All the pain is in the palm of the hands!

According to studies, if your partner holds your hand quite often to display their affection towards you then, this is a positive sign as this practice is likely to benefit you in many ways!

As per the research conducted by the University of Haifa in Israel suggests that physical touch, like holding hands could be handy in reducing pain, mostly when two people involved are in a relationship.

Apart from showing signs of social support. The study tells that touching and empathizing with your partner synchronizes the brain waves and is quite effective in reducing pain.

The psychology professor at the University of Haifa said that,

“The study further reveals that when we share other pain then we are activating our brain in the same neural system where we are triggering the firsthand experiences of pain. We all know that hand-holding is important for social support, but here we show the brain mechanism for this effect.”

In the first research, they compared the effect of touch and empathy had on pain from both loved ones and strangers. The findings were quite interesting as when the loved ones held hands, the reduction in levels of pain was quite considerable. However, it had no change when the same activity was done through a stranger.

When the researchers went for the second round with a different kind of EEG technology that measures the brain signals from both the partners simultaneously. They found out that the people’s brain waves synchronized with the cells in a similar pattern and on the same location.

So reading this what did you learn my dear friend?

If you are shy or think that holding your partner’s hand in public places is unnecessary and fear the judgment of the society, then we have to say that you need to shoo away all these fears because we have given you a big reason to fill them with a wholesome meal of your love!

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