Premier League’s video of Mesut Ozil’s Popularity in India is the injection of Fandom we Football Fans Needed

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Football is our game; indeed it is! As Indians, our hearts, until 2005, were ruled by the promising aspect of becoming a cricketer. More so because of the meteoric MS Dhoni in the Indian set-up.

However, it was he who made us realise that there is a game which is fast and quite fascinating.

Fast forward to today; we are now in a sink with football. The change of managers, the transfer of players and every minute detail; we know everything about this beautiful game. This thing is quite a feature now as we see our favourite Bollywood actors playing and paying a visit to the stadiums of the club they support.

One such visit was paid by Ranveer Singh to his favourite club Arsenal. His visit was marked by his photos in the Emirates Stadium along with some of the household names of the club. Still, there was a video that attracted the eyeballs of every football fan; and that was of Mesut Ozil.

Following the same, recently, Premier League released a quirky video of why he’s so popular among them. Here are some of the moments why Ozil is so famous in India.

1. Greeting his fans in the Indian manner:

2. When he greeted Badshah’s arrival with a win and a sweet note in Hindi

3. When he recited the famous dialogue of Shah Rukh Khan but in his manner.

4. Did you know that a baby in India is named after him?

5. When he expressed his desire to meet the Bollywood stars and hang out with them.

6. About his cameo in the movies:

7. When he acknowledged the support from the Indian fans and asked Ranveer Singh to see that:

8. When he expressed his happiness in Mogambo style.


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