Planning for a vacation? Here are top-notch destinations that can suit your Zodiac signs

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Winter is near and so is the vacation time. So, have you planned it out? If not then, perhaps, we can lend you a hand in planning your trip. However, there is a twist in the tail. We have sorted out a few places that could match your Zodiac signs. Yeah! We did. Since Zodiac signs to determine how the masterplan of the almighty is going to pan out for us. Then, why not the place for vacation?

Hence, here are a few places that one can with their companions. So, sit back and plan!



 Aries are child-at-heart. They are outgoing and spontaneous. This is the reason why stunning Southern California is the place for them to spend their holidays. A good surfing lesson or a drive to Las Vegas or a road trip to San Diego will be the best way for them to detox themselves.

National Destinations – North East India

International Destinations – South US, Greece and Europe

Best Travel Companion – Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo



They are royal at heart and love to take luxury trips. The Amalfi Coast in Italy is the place which they should look forward to. With fine dining at the beautiful island is the best way for them to make use of the time.

With the ruling planet as Venus, it pulls Taurians close to the Port city of Salerno which is abundant in terraced vineyards and lemon groves.

When a domestic place is concerned then Goa should be their go-to-place.

National Destinations – Goa, Kerala

International Destinations – Italy

Best Travel Companion – Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces



They are sociable and fast-paced city suits Gemini. Hence, New York is the place for them to visit. Given that they are lively and has a traveler in them, New York offers them an array of opportunities and experiences for the traveler in them.

When travelling domestically is the topic of conversation then nothing else but Mumbai will suit this zodiac sign. A lively person and a never dimming city is the perfect match.

National Destinations – Mumbai

International Destinations – Jerusalem, New York, Singapore

Best Travel Companion – Libra, Aquarius



Cancerians are homebodies due to their love for their comfort zones. It is hard for anyone to make them come out. It is only the sunshine which compels them to step out of their houses. Hence, a trip to the English countryside is a perfect thing for them to make them feel at home.

Moreover, the easy-going pace of a Cancerian is well-matched with France’s food centres and rental apartment dwelling.

National Destinations – Andaman

International Destinations – Italy, Europe

Best Travel Companion – Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio



Fierce, royal, regal, artistic, exciting and bold are just a few traits of people having zodiac sign like Leo. Due to these traits, an inspiring and happening place connects with this wild spirited sign better. The beautiful islands of Bali are the place that is just perfect for the Leos. spas, resorts and the island top is the place where they want to run and scream at the top of their voices; a perfect setting, indeed!

In India, Udaipur and Jaipur in India are the perfect travel destinations for Leos. The royal and grandeur of the cities tune finely with the vigour of Leos.

National Destinations – Udaipur and Jaipur

International Destinations – Bali, Buenos Aires and Hong Kong

Best Travel Companion – Aries, Gemini



The main characteristics of Virgo are organized, clear in the head, luxury-lovers and wellness. Helper but nature and comfort seeker by heart, Virgo’s have their heart in Malaysia which offers them opulence and comfort that they look to seek during travel.

A cultural trip of Mumbai and Rajasthan will also add up to your analysing mind too.

National Destinations – Mumbai and Rajasthan

International Destinations – South Asia, Malaysia

Best Travel Companion – Taurus and Cancer 



Every family has a balanced sign and Libra is that member of the Zodiac family.

Libras are a hopeless romantic, hence, one cannot help but still love all the beautiful things in life. Librans love things that are well-weaved this is the reason why Istanbul matches their natures symmetry.

Further, nothing appeals the Librans more than Paris. In India, Kanyakumari and Munnar are the places that excite Librans the most.

National Destinations – Munnar and Kanyakumari

International Destinations – Paris, Istanbul, South Asia

Best Travel Companion – Virgo, Aries and Gemini



Scorpions are passionate, emotional and brooding. The US is the place for them to explore the seas, treks and snowy mountains. A road trip to the beautiful valleys & mountains of South California will suit their exploring and emotional nature.

National Destinations – Udaipur

International Destinations – Los Angeles, Johannesburg and Iceland

Best Travel Companion – Capricorn and Libra



With Jupiter as their planet, Sagittarius is bound to be optimistic wanderers. They seek truth in their path and are inclined to achieve things that are hard to get.

The vibrant culture of South America will certainly ignite the fire in their soul.

National Destinations – Shillong and Arunachal Pradesh

International Destinations – South America and New Zealand

Best Travel Companion – Aries, Gemini and Leo



Among the others, Capricorns are the most ambitious, diligent and driven. They deserve a vacation, a short break is something that will never satisfy them. Taiwan is a place for the hard-working Capricorns who want their license to freedom – to travel, party and enjoy. The cleanliness of the place will suit their personality. Well, Spain can also be an option which could give a sense of accomplishment to them given their drive to look for success in everything.

In India, a trip to either Agra or Varanasi will please their God.

National Destinations – Varanasi and Agra

International Destinations – Spain, Europe and Taiwan

Best Travel Companion – Taurus and Virgo



They are humanitarian at their hearts despite the fact they are the rebel sign of the Zodiac family. They seek innovation and love to experiment with things now and then. Hence, Detroit is the place for the quirky Aquarians! Detroit is so full of creative people.

Aquarians have a taste for music. And a visit the great Motown Historical Museum is something they should consider.

In India, Kerala and Srinagar will be the best destinations for them to find serenity.

National Destinations – Srinagar and Kerala

International Destinations – Detroit, North America and Kyrgyzstan

Best Travel Companion – Aries and Gemin



Dreamy and compassionate define a Pisceans. They are known as healers and lovers in the Zodiac family.

Pisceans are a space cadet and love to enjoy peaceful and calm surroundings. Hence, the route to Tibet is the trip they should opt for. Due to their water sign, lakes and beaches comfort them the most; and, Tibet is home to several lakes where you can just sit and stare beautiful creation of nature.

When Indian destination is concerned, Lakshadweep will make for a great vacation place for them. The calmness of the island matches their personality.

National Destinations – Lakshadweep

International Destinations – Peru and Tibet

Best Travel Companion – Gemini and Aries

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