Oscars 2020: Everything You Need to Know

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The world is geared up for one of the most acclaimed movie award events there is. Looking back at the fantastic movies that came out last year, the fight for the best picture category is going to be worth watching. We’ll come to the nominees in a bit. First, you need to know where and when to stream the Oscars in India. The event will stream live on Star Movies and Hotstar from 6:30 AM IST. Yes, you’ll need to wake up early if you want to feel the moment as it unfolds.

Even though all the categories will be competing and as exciting to see, the best picture would be something to watch out for especially. Here are the nominees.

  • Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Tarantino’s rather fresh directorial approach was a perfect tribute to the life of Sharon Tate and also highlighted the Manson family murders exceptionally. Not to mention the stellar cast that portrayed everything with perfection.

  • 1917

The World War 1 drama by Sam Mendez would be in the race for the best picture and for a good reason. George Mckay’s mesmerizing performance and the technical genius of this movie makes it the perfect addition to the list. This movie is meant to be experienced in the cinemas. We prefer IMAX.

  • The Irishman

Streaming on Netflix, Scorsese delivered yet another masterpiece backed by legends. It is not surprising that it has received an astonishing 10 Oscar nominations. Martin Scorsese, even after 19 Oscar wins, still manages to be in the race: A sheer master of the craft.

  • The Joker

The world has its heart for Joaquin Phoenix, winning the best actor at the Oscars this year. While that is more than likely to happen, can the movie bag the best picture category as well? We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Ford v Ferrari

If you missed it at IMAX, you might regret it as the exceptional drama based on real events and characters made a surprise entry in the best picture category at the Oscars. Can the chemistry between two Hollywood legends work in favor of the film?

  • JOJO Rabbit

The Nazi satire, directed by Taika Waititi, has received a plethora of Oscar nominations. The powerful message that the film entails is engaging and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Let’s see if the academy jury finds it worthy.

  • Parasite

Bong Joon Ho’s warfare drama might create history if it wins at the category. It will be the first Non-English language film to receive the Best Picture at the Oscars. Experience it in theatres if you haven’t already.

  • Marriage Story

Adam Driver might have won the Best Actor for this if not for the Joker’s laugh (Joaquin Phoenix). But let’s not jump to conclusions. This divorce drama might surprise everyone.

Nine exceptional entries, with each one being a masterpiece. We surely can’t choose one and can only cherish the cinematic genius of every film on this list. Let’s see what the academy jury believes.

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