Mega Sports Events that are affected by the Virus amid this Lockdown

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What’s life without sports?

Practically speaking, the recent pandemic has made this question even more relevant in our lives. Besides, those who once protested the meaning of sports in human life are joining fitness platforms like cult-fit in order to keep their fitness game a notch higher than what it used to be.

Fitness is the new mantra.

So, this brings me to the question: What is the meaning of sports in our life?

Sport by itself is nothing more than fun. You will cheekily throw a ball to your companion or shoot a ball towards a goal or a basket to just have some fun. Hence, this defines your motive to have fun! Besides, you are so unaware of your love for sports that you will find yourself intimidating the famous sports action when you are alone. Perhaps, daydreaming about your name being chanted by many thousands inside a stadium or an arena, after a famous victory you just fetched for your team!

Sports is not merely an exercise. It is a feeling, an expression of joy that allows you to express without the fear of any judgment. It helps you break boundaries. Turns friends into rivals and vice-versa. Think of the last time you touched a sports equipment. And, now, think of the last time you criticized a player a team, or even, a club for not winning the league.

Brainstorm the night of 2nd April 2011, didn’t “MS Dhoni finishes off in style, a magnificent strike into the crowd and India lifts the World Cup after 28 years and the party begins inside the dressing room.” echoes in your ears? Or Abinav Bindra being crowned with the prestigious Gold Medal at the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008? Or the famous Steven Gerrard’s slip against Chelsea’s Demba Ba which gifted the Premier League to Manchester City in 2014? Or Kobe Bryant’s 81-point wonder or winning the title in 2009 without O’Neil?

memorable moments
These are iconic and memorable moments that we cherish while narrating.

Such is the influence of sports in human life. How would you tell about the memorable events of your childhood to the younger generation if they never happened in the first place?

Sports raise excitement; and, excitement changes when there are different factors added to it. How many times did you criticized or made fun of a cricketer who got out early just because you saw his girlfriend cheering in the stands? Or praise her, when he scores a century or won your team a match?

However, unfortunately, the current pandemic has ensured that we are deprived of this excitement. The major events have got canceled/postponed indefinitely and we are unsure of when we will get to see our stars battling out for our teams or any team. Apart from that, these events carried a lot of importance to the careers of some players. So, curious to know who they were?

Indian Premeir League

The grand stage was set. The bucks were spent into making a team with the potential of winning the league. RCB took it a level-up by altering the hierarchy of his team by appointing a sports director and a team coach. For players like MS Dhoni, Shikhar Dhawan, and Hardik Pandya, this was their chance to ply their trade for the ticket to Australia for the T-20 World Cup later this year.

MS dhoni
Will we ever see MS back or will his sabbatical turn into retirement?

Nevertheless, the outbreak of COVID-19 ensured that all this stays at bay. What’s worse is that BCCI is on the verge of a substantial loss. The reason? BCCI’s insurance policy does not cover a pandemic or lockdown clause. Canceling IPL will mean a direct loss of Rs 3000 crore; but, the officials are working to find new slots.


Caption: Are we going to see a new season of NBA?

With the United States under the fireline of this pandemic, on March 11, The National Basketball Association (NBA) said that it was suspending the season until further notice. What it means to players like Stephen Curry, who returned from a “long way” after his hand injury, is that they will have to either wait for the season to resume or the next season, which is more of a realistic possibility.

Tokyo Summer Olympics

It’s a story that no one wants to happen. One can only find three incidences(1916, 1940, 1944) in the entire history of the Olympics, where the event got canceled due to World War I and II.

Apart from that the year 2020 will now become a glaring highlight in the eyes of historians to write a topic on how Olympics got postponed from 2020 to 2021. Which in itself is a very big deal.

Tokyo 2021
After 76 years! Tokyo 2021 is postponed after 76 years.

Everyone knows that the Olympics is the world’s biggest sporting event. Multi-billion dollars are invested for the smooth running of this quadrennial year. Thousands of people and athletes, dozens of sports brands and their marketing campaigns, broadcasters deals, and what not is involved in these games. However, for now, people have to wait for Tokyo 2021.

Euro 2020 or Euro 2020+1

One can say that this is a respite for many players but is it for the host and broadcasters?

Big-check players like Marcus Rashford, Harry Kane, Paul Pogba, Georgio Chiellini, Andre Gomes, Aymeric Laporte, and many others like them were nowhere close to featuring in this year’s tournament. However, the postponement of Euro 2020 means that they can be back. However, this addition in years means that stalwarts like Ronaldo have one more year added in their age which raises doubts over their inclusion and younger player’s exclusion.

What this postponement means to players like CR7?

For broadcasters, it is bad news. Free-to-air broadcasters that depend on big TV audiences to support advertising revenue are conditioned to face losses this year.

Besides, their shares were down by 11% because of the threats posed by the novel Corona Virus.

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