King Kohli’s Virat Gesture Will Make You Adore Him

World Cup 2019
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Virat Kohli is a man of gestures. Be it on the field or off it; he never shies away from showing what he feels. This is the reason why we love him.

He has always garnered the attention by being the most aggressive player on the field yet his off-field deeds are a thing that reveals his true character. Be it asking the crowd to stop jeering Smith or asking fans to go and support the Indian football team on Twitter, every time he makes us realize what a class player he is!

Cricket For Good has forged strong partnerships with internationally recognized community organizations to create positive social change through the game of Cricket. At a global level, Cricket For Good in partnership with UNICEF collaborates in specific areas of Nutrition and Child Development, Water and Sanitation Hygiene, Quality Education, Empowering Adolescents, Child Protection and Child Health to improve children’s lives and transform the future.

While the global partnership between ICC and UNICEF has a great impact during ICC Events, ICC and UNICEF also believe that they can expand to include activities that will further empower young children outside of the tournaments.

During ICC Events, Cricket For Good works with a locally recognized community organization and ICC Commercial partners in a joint effort to support activities that enhance the world of children. Ahead of the important fixture against Afghanistan, he and the Indian team batted for the good cause of Cricket For Good.

Virat Kohli

In a video, released by Cricket World Cup,  Virat Kohli said that he believes that cricket can really make a difference to children’s lives. He also emphasized the importance of cricket and its benefits. Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul also feature in the 1-minute video alongside Virat Kohli.

Damn! This is a heartwarming video. This gesture alone justifies his title of King Kohli. Though this man might annoy us some time yet he knows the art of winning our hearts, doesn’t he?

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