India vs Bangladesh: Rohit Sharma’s dominance proves too good for Bangla Tigers

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When the fear of loss knocked the doors, it was the Indian Captain who stood the ground for the team.

There is a trait of being an Indian Captain. Whenever there is a crisis, they are the one to raise their hands and pull the team out of it. Be it Sourav Ganguly or MS Dhoni or Virat Kohli we have seen them doing this act several times. Howbeit, this time it was a little different. This time it was the stand-in skipper, Rohit Sharma, who blunted the attack of Bangladesh.

Going unchanged into the important match raised questions over India’s tactics and Rohit Sharma’s decision. As the match progresses these questions started to become evident. Bangladesh got off to a very good start. Partly, due to Rishabh Pant. The pressure is taking a toll on the youngster.

Replacing MS Dhoni is an arduous task, and for a kid to come and take over someone who donned the gloves for 15 years is tough. And, this was quite clear when he made a mistake of the very basic thing in the 6th over. Yuzvendra Chahal’s delivery left a charging Liton Das in no man’s land, thus, giving Rishabh Pant ample time to collect the ball and stump the batsman. To the keeper’s credit, he did well to send the batsman home but the ball was called a no-ball as the Delhi-lad grabbed the ball slightly over the front line of the stumps.

Though the keeper redeemed himself later on by running the same batsman out till then the damage was done. These small but pivotal mistakes can take a toll on India’s aspiration of winning the T-20 World Cup which is scheduled to happen next year.

Nevertheless, this match will be regarded as “the Hitman Show”. Playing his 100th T20I, Rohit Sharma looked determined to take his tally of most centuries in T20I to another level. His innings of 43-ball 89 were good enough to throw the neighbours off-track. It was the way he pummeled the opposition, it was the controlled aggression that set the tone for the eight-wicket hammering to bring the series on level terms that too with four overs to spare.

There was a sense of beauty and elegance in the way he brought up his 18th half-century in only 23 deliveries where he ended up hitting six sixes and as many fours.

What jabbed the dreaming Bangla Tigers was the 118-run partnership between Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma. Though there was little to take out from Dhawan’s innings due to Sharma’s blitz the remarkable part was Gabbar curbing his attacking instincts for Rohit Sharma. The stylish Delhi Capitals opener happily played second-fiddle in an innings of 27-ball 31 runs. At the end of the powerplay, India was already 63/0 and by the 10th over the game was well inside India’s pocket with India well past the 100-run mark—113/0 in 10 overs.

Seeing the way India played last night, one can say that they can feel a sense of determination and firmness in the Indian contingent. They elected to bowl in a match which could have sealed the fate for them if they lost. However, this bouncing back capability from a humbling defeat is the reason why this team is still in it.

Nevertheless, the new age Asian rivalry is taking a good shape for the cricket fans across both countries. The series has set up things nicely as it will be interesting to see who will have the final laugh and who will burst under pressure.

Albeit all this, is this the moment where Bangladesh, with nothing to lose the attitude, ravage the unbeaten record of Rohit Sharma(as a skipper)?

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