How these 3 Vital Nutrients can Benefit your Mind? Read to Know

explain what a mind
Could you explain what a mind is? Let’s keep it very simple and generic.
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Could you explain what a mind is? Let’s keep it very simple and generic.

For some, it is a machine which needs to be oiled in a particular manner for its proper functioning; some will say a mind is like a website which needs to be optimized, with new content, images, themes, and videos, to keep it at the top of SRP(Search Result Page). And, there can be many more definitions.

However, what if I say, try to consider your mind like a stomach? Will you? Try it!

The way we treat our minds is pretty similar to how we treat our stomach.

Our stomach functions according to the food we feed to it. If we condition it with nutrients, it will work properly; if we fill it with junk, it will hamper our digestive system and bowel movements.

mind like your stomach functions
Your mind like your stomach functions on things you feed it.

Similarly, the more we keep our mind updated and free from negative thoughts and symptoms of neurosis( a condition where you spend most of your energy plotting revenge over someone, not focus on what you are doing, creating various situations in your mind on how you can defeat an individual, etc), we can ensure proper conditioning and working of our brain and mind.

Given the current lockdown scenario where, unfortunately, the numbers of COVID-19 patients is rising like an investor’s number, knowingly or unknowingly fear is being spread by news channels in form of precautions, people are away from home, and worse, news of earthquakes have started to come from different directions of the world; seeing all this, there is only one question that strikes our stomach of thoughts:

isolating our mind from negative news
Isolating from people easier than isolating our mind from negative news.

How do we do that?

Preventing this breakdown, amidst anxiety and fear running high, is a tough but not an impossible task. As we take a walk along the unknown and uncertain times, here is a list of ways in which we can condition our mind to counter these unproductive junkies.

1. Stop Overthinking

It’s high-time we do that! Regardless of how much we deny doing this, we know that we are guilty of doing this practice. Given there is so much time, we can clearly see why we do this. However, try to think as if you don’t have time.

Think of an instance where you are watching a shooting of a movie and the next moment, you are called to play the lead role in that movie! The reason: The lead actor just walked out due to a conflict with the director.

think twice
Will you think twice or dive into the chance of becoming an actor?

Will you think twice or just dive into it to grab your one chance out of many to shine on the big screen?

Life is built on many more incidents like that.if we think that work is by our side and commit to that with diligence and discipline, then we can see that we don’t have time to ponder over anything apart from our sharpening skillset to build our asset, that is us!

2. What’s there in fearing adversity?

This is one question that I, personally, love to ask my parents. Given their experience, it is natural for them to think that their child should be safe, guarded, and above everything, settled. Howbeit, they sometimes tend to forget the harsh reality of life. As much as it rattles me from inside while writing this, there is no shying away from the fact that no one is permanent in our lives. We all are passengers of a train and a time will come when we need to off-board it.

So, this brings me back to what’s there to fear/face adversity?

If it has to come, it will come! What’s important here is how much we are guarded rather have prepared ourselves for that. Even our ancestors went hunting down wild animals for food but they went with a sharpened axe to protect them the unknown-fearing factors.

ancestors never feared the unknown
We existed because our ancestors never feared the unknown. So, why do we?

They know that they will die either of hunger or by a carnivore animal but what is a better way: die without trying or fight to see whether they live to see the other day?

If they, with the least amount of resources, can do that then why can’t we? Pretend to be a warrior and see how the animal in us will help in rising from the ash

3. Plan, Goals, and Adapting

There is a very good quote from a highly-inspiring TV series called SUITS. And, it goes by:

“Ever loved someone that you can do anything and everything to make that person happy? Yeah! Instead of someone make that person yourself and do everything to make yourself happy.”

The reason we tend to deviate from the process is the factor of unknown. Besides, we are fearful of shedding our old habits.

To be successful, we need to think like a lioness and behave like a snake. Before hunting, a lioness prepares for her target for over a month. She tracks her target, notes its movements, and understands what it does when the target is alone. It is only after a month of observing and planning this, she pouches on it slowly, stealthily, and steadily.

While a snake, over time, sheds his skin to adapt to its changing surroundings.

A month of observing and then preying makes lioness a difficult customer.

These two provide a classic example of planning, observing, and adaptation. Our nature teaches us so many things yet we don’t embrace it. They do so because they love themselves. Their only goal is survival. Hence, they plan or adapt to do so.

We, humans, love others before loving ourselves and that’s where the problem begins for us. This is where all the distractions seep through. We know that reaching the zen-mode is not like eating an ice-cream but what’s the harm in developing it?

Besides, how can you love someone when you don’t love yourself? Think about it.

To conclude, at the end of the day, there are many things that can turn your mind upside down. However, it is up to you, how you tackle it to make your mind and hence, your life better!

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