Hit them with these 5 facts if they aren’t listening – STAY HOME!!

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India is under complete lockdown for 21 days and for a good reason. The future of mankind depends on our ability to distance and obey the necessary protocol now more than ever. Despite the scary scenario, some people still fail to distance themselves and feel that they cannot do any harm.

If you feel like hitting their heads with a brick, just hit them with these 5 facts as you might not want to get closer than 6 feet.

  1. You are contagious even before the symptoms kick in

Yes, people infected with the novel coronavirus shed it even before they are symptomatic. What that means is that you might feel that you are “invincible”, but you’ll end up infecting everyone you meet.

  1. The virus survives on surfaces


You might feel that you’re safe at home. Well, you certainly are and is probably the best you can do right now but be aware of the fact that the novel coronavirus can live up to 3 days on different surfaces. Here is a breakdown:

  • Copper – Up to 4Hours
  • Cardboard – Up to 24Hours
  • Stainless Steel and Plastic – 2-3 Days

So, keep your hands clean and your surfaces cleaner.

  1. No, it is not just the old that are getting sick

Corona ratio

A majority of the deaths might be of people above 60 years old, but that doesn’t mean the young are immune. According to the CDC, almost 38% of the infected in the US are aged between 20-54. So, the virus might not kill you as a young person, but it can certainly make you really sick.

  1. It can take more than 10 days for the first symptoms to develop

covid 19 deaths

It is assessed that the novel coronavirus symptoms can take almost 10 days to show up. It can be sooner for some people or even later for a few. A study has reported that only 2.5% of the infected exhibited symptoms in 2 days. Almost 97% were symptomatic post 11 days.

  1. Corona Virus is a global pandemic and its growing at an accelerated rate

corona virus

God help those who still can’t comprehend this fact. The entire world is in shutdown, crippling the global economy and industries. According to WHO reports, the infected double every six days. This has led epidemiologists to believe that if strict social distancing is not practised at this very moment – a total of 70% of the entire world population could be infected. That is approximately 5 billion people. The math is scary.

Stay home and stay clean. We hope to see you on the other side.

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