Gai and Guys! You Won’t Believe What This COW Does Next

Cow Playing Football
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Football is an intriguing game. No wonder why people are so engrossed in it. However, how often have you seen a cow playing football? Yeah, you read it right!

A hilarious video of the cow is going viral and you just can’t stop watching that. Have to say, this cow has got some skills and could give Messi and Ronaldo a run for the money.

In the video, the cow is seen guarding the ball. A group of players is seen retrieving the ball but, this cow turned out to be a better defender than any of the current Manchester United defenders. After one of them does manage to get hold of it, the cow becomes actively involved in the game, chasing the ball wherever it goes.

The video was reportedly shot somewhere in Goa and has been widely shared on social media.
The twitter too reacted to this gleeful video. Harsha Bhogle was one of them to react to this.

Truly, this funny and adorable!

Yes! It is just a cow.

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