Every Rider Should Know These Hand Signals For A Group Ride

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It is necessary to properly communicate with fellow riders if you are leading the riders’ group. It not only ensures safety on the road but also helpful for a smooth ride to reach your destination. Motorbikes come up with various compulsory accessories like brake lights, indicators, horn, tail light, etc. to attract attention on the road but that is not all you need to convey a clear message to your group.

Proper communication helps other riders to identify your intentions precisely. So, here are some of the hand signals that are critical for staying safe and sound on the road.

  1. Start Engines – With right or left arm extended, move index finger in a circular motion.
    This signal is used to tell the riders to start their motorbikes engines.
  2. Left Turn – With your Arm and hand extending left and your Palm facing down.
    This hand signal is used to let the group know you are turning left. By doing this you will become noticeable on the road.
  3. Right Turn – Raise your left arm horizontal with your elbow bent vertically.
    Use this signal to let the group know that you are turning right. If you are following the group this signal means you are breaking the group.
  4. Stop – Your Arm Extended straight down and palm facing back
    Make a halt when the group leader shows the stop signal causing a chain reaction to the last rider of the group.
  5. Speed Up – Arm extended straight out, palm facing up, swing upward.
    When the leading rider shows this signal, it means he wants every rider to match up the pace by increasing their speed.
  6. Slow Down – Arm Extended Straight out, Palm facing down, swing down to your side.
    Keeping in mind the powerful brake system of the motorcycles, this signal is very useful for the safety of the following riders.
  7. Follow Me – Arm Extended Straight Up from Shoulder, Palm Forward
    This signal is used to announce a newly appointed group leader. It can also be used to break a large group into smaller groups.
  8. Road Hazard – On the Left – point with the left hand, on the Right – Point with the right foot.
    Signal is used to warn against a hazard on the road. Give attention to the rider signal to know whether the hazard is on the left or on the right.
  9. Single File – Put your left hand over your helmet with your fingers facing upward.
    This signal means that the leader wants the riders to be in a single file formation for safety or any other reason.
  10. Staggered Formation – Extend your left arm upward with your index and pinkie finger extended.
    The staggered formation is considered the best formation for the riders’ group. The leader drives on the left side of the lane while the second rider stays a little behind on the right side of the lane.

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  11. Refreshment Stop – Fingers Closed, Thumb to Mouth
    Stop for a refreshment break from your journey when you see the leader making this signal.
  12. Cops Ahead – Tap on top of the helmet with open palm down.
    Tell your group that the cops are active ahead on the road by using this signal. Drive safe and follow the traffic laws.
  13. Stop for Fuel – Arm Out to Side Pointing to Tank with Finger Extended
    Convey a message to the fellow riders to stop for refuelling your tanks. Nobody wants to run out of gas during the journey.

    These are some of the essential hand signal tips used for riding quickly while riding in a group. So, get out there, make smooth formations, stop for refreshments and end up with a strong bond with your riding gang that lasts a lifetime.

    And before moving to another awesome Bukchod blog, watch out this last sign that will be helpful to show your companion riders when you are pissed off with another guy.

    Warning – Don’t try this when you are riding alone or you will end up with a black and swollen eye. Lolz…. 😀

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