Eden Gardens set to script history as India faces nothing-to-lose attitude Bangla Tigers in the first Day-Night Test

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There is a certain eagerness in the air today. We can sense the excitement this day and night has to offer. There is a tinge of pink colour in the sky.

Indicative of what is being written above, one can make sense of the fact that within a couple of hours, Team India is on the verge of colouring its records book with pink.

Pink ball test was close in terms of its arrival in India, and that became evident the moment Sourav Ganguly was named the President of BCCI. With the Prince of Kolkata at the realm, One does not have to brainstorm where the game will take place. Eden Gardens have been a venue of records. It won’t be wrong to say that Eden Gardens is the unofficial home of cricket.

Nevertheless, the tickets have been sold out; the intensity is predicted to be electric; maybe more than that of India vs Pakistan in the 2016 World T-20. And, why it shouldn’t be? India is finally getting a taste of the format it was waiting for!

Having said that, withal all the excitement; there is a sense of worry in the camps of both the teams. On one hand, the players of Bangladesh expressed their desire to play a practice match with the pink ball to experience it how the ball will behave. And on the other, Virat Kohli has been vocal about the planning that needs to keep the contest alive. The planning will play a crucial part in this game.

Apart from the 7 teams in the world test championship, these two were the ones who didn’t had the experience of this format. Though India had a chance to experience it in Adelaide, it opted out on the grounds of no practice. However, if one has to look at his particular game then this game is already in the balance.

The last time any Indian player played with a pink ball was the Kookaburra ball whose seem was not pronounced as that of the SG ball. And if one considers the report then the ball has shown some considerable amount of bounce and swing in the training sessions. Moreover, Virat Kohli himself said that the ball is travelling faster than a white ball. The extra glaze on the ball is making life difficult for the batsmen as it creates a little delusion of the ball being nearer to the batsmen when thrown around the off-stump channel. Moreover, the pink ball is a little heavier than the red ball, more like a hockey ball; thus, requires a lot of effort to throw it towards the keepers end from the boundary.

As per Wriddihman Saha, the ball is hard to sight for the players standing in the square or behind the wicket. The ball hits the hand a lot harder than a red or a white ball would do; and if not seen it properly while catching, it could account for missed opportunities.

Taking all this into account, judging this match on the grounds of the first match does not do justice to either team playing today. Moreover, 9 out of 12 times it has been the first batting side that has been part of the honor board of this format. So this makes it clear how important it will be to bat first. Furthermore, with nothing to lose attitude, Bangladesh does pose a threat to the aspirations of India to make this 360 points in 7 matches.

With the game hours or maybe minutes away, it will be intriguing to see whether Bangladesh make the first day of this historic test a day-night to remember or India will do the obvious by walking over their neighbors?

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