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Akshay taking Bottle Cap Challenge
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Social Media is a hilarious place. From Kamlesh’s dunn-dunn to Hello Fraandz Chai pee lo and from Harlem Shake to KiKi, and then the bottle flip challenge, we have seen it all. Albeit, there is a new challenge which is wacky and boy! It is creating a buzz among famous celebrities.

Bottle Cap Challenge
John Mayer took the challenge and kicked it with ease


This new game is known as the “Bottle Cap Challenge” and in that the participant has to unscrew a cap from a bottle with their foot in the middle of a kick – without knocking the bottle down.

Insane, isn’t it? Jason Statham is one of those who took part in this new game. Max Holloway tagged singer John Mayer to try the Bottle Cap Challenge. Though not a martial artist like people trying the challenge before him, John Mayer managed to nail it.

Jason and Akshay Bottle Cap Challenge
The idol and the devotee did not use hands to open the bottle.

Credit: DNA India

Akshay Kumar who is known to keep the fitness level high was also seen taking up this challenge. He wrote, “I couldn’t resist 😉 #BottleCapChallenge Inspired by my action idol @JasonStatham, I will repost/retweet the Best I see, come on Guys and Girls get your Bottle out and your Legs in the Air, Let’s Do This 💪🏽 #FitIndia #WednesdayMotivation”

Here are some videos of that.

The crusader is here!

Jason Statham inspired Akkhi to take this challenge.

Khiladi is not far behind to accept the challenge of his idol Jason Statham. We have to say he fared well!


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First @erlsn.acr did it. Then @blessedmma followed, and challenged me. I now challenge @jasonstatham. #bottlecapchallenge

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