Cognitive Supremacy? A superpower that can set you apart from the crowd (Only if you follow these 6 steps)

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The world is becoming a very different place from what it was back in the day. Fabricated personalities and emotional repression have given way towards an “unrestricted society.” A society that is chaotic, loud, and annoyed. About time to behave in the exact opposite fashion and own the superpowers that only a few can possess.

  • Concealing your intelligence

If you’re smart, it is obvious that you might want to show it off. You want everyone to know that you are smart, and there is nothing wrong with it, except the fact that you might overdo it after a while. The best solution to this is to show people that you aren’t that intelligent. “Move in silence” Understating is always better than overstating.

  • Create your own narrative

Stop adopting group narratives. Create your own shaped by your own experiences, emotions, and memories. An original worldview might be hard to achieve, but it is always better than just picking up already established perceptions. The humility to question and second guess your own opinion? The world would be so much different.

  • Drop the tag named “What will people think”.

Have you ever sat alone and pondered on the magnitude of the universe? The planet, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe. All that and the human species still dares to put them into the center of everything. Looking through the big lens, human existence is essentially “dead.” Stop caring, and the world will allow you to do so much more.

  • Own your mind, Stop the blame game

It is an established fact that if you do not control your mind, actions, and reactions, the circumstances will do it for you, or even worse, someone else will. So take control and own your reactions. It’s a superpower that gives you “ultimate incorruptible control.”

  • Listen with an intent to understand

9 out of 10 people listen only to form a reply. Pick up any conversation from your day, and you will find that you are listening and developing a response in real-time. Stop that and practice “observation.” Another superpower that can help you get ahead in life with minimal effort.

  • Don’t let “desire” take the reins

Trust me, they will drive you mad. While ambition can be necessary, it can become poisonous in no time. Have limited desires and experience the change. Understand the need for the input instead of the desire for the output before you start any project.

While I do not want to discourage anyone, from the perspective of the universe, we are already dead. So stop taking everything so seriously and just flow through life.

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