Can you train your Subconscious? This might change your Life

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Did you know? If you’re 21, your one part of the brain has permanently stored memories 100x of the content of the entire Britannica. Truly astonishing figures. That “one” part of the brain we are talking about is the “Subconscious mind.” The human subconscious is limitless in terms of the power it withholds in shaping a person’s life. It is the garden where thoughts and habits take form, the seeds of which are sowed by your conscious. It is the magnificent memory bank memorizing all of your thoughts and comfort zones. Everything you love and hate is there. To top all that, the subconscious is responsible for maintaining the balance of your life. Both physically as well as mentally.

The roadmap to train your subconscious is through your conscious mind, and we are here to give you a few ways that can help you make that change.

  • Declare your own happiness

Allow yourself to be happy and fill yourself with the notion of being successful without any guilt taking over. Also, do not think in terms of the future and get into the zone now. If you think that you can be happy and successful only after you get that car or a big promotion, you might be on the wrong track. Permit yourself the happiness and feel the change.

  • Imagine the “picture.”

Visual creation of your own reality is essential in materializing it. Once you are through with imagining how you want to live your life, you can work around a way to achieve that reality. This should be fuelled with positive actions in the present rather than thinking that you “will” do it in the future.

  • Find the thing that holds you back

Change the questions that you ask your mind. Identify the conflicting thought that is in the way of you and your goal and actively face it. Broaden your perspective and do not give up if your first attempt fails. Life will always surprise you.

  • The “What” is necessary?

Always ask yourself this in any environment. Even if you are an indie artist/writer, ask the person in authority to pay you the money you think you deserve. Whether or not you deserve it at that point in time is not essential. Eventually, you will. Condition your mind with positive enforcement.

Playing such a vital role in your individual being, the subconscious can be trained to make drastic changes in your life. You can change your perspective for good and achieve the life that you wish to live. Although you have no direct control over your subconscious, you have something better, something that commands your subconscious: The “Conscious Mind.”

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