Bukchod Picks: Top 5 Space Events of the Decade

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As we come closer to the end of this decade, we decided to revisit how some of the ordinary objective space missions turned out to be the biggest science story of the decade and possibly, of history.

Here are some of our favourite discoveries from the decade.

Our introduction to the Blackhole:

For all these years we have been studying the concept of the existence of a thing called “Blackhole”. However, this year, we finally saw, from the outline, what a black hole looks like. At the heart of the M87 galaxy, there is a vast, dark and mysterious black hole whose images were clicked by the astronomers for the very first time.

 India’s entry into the Martian orbit:

The world has seen the rise of India as a scientific nation in the past two decades. Be it the success of Chandrayan 1 or India’s second attempt to the moon, we are proud to say that our country is trying and is getting ready to rub shoulders with some of the greatest space agencies.

Moving forward with the same, on 5 November 2013, India launched its first Mars Orbiter Mission and entered the orbit on 24 September 2014. Thus, making itself the first nation to succeed on its maiden attempt to Mars. Further, India also became the fourth space agency in the world as well as the first in Asia to enter the Martian orbit.

Great American Solar Eclipse:

This bizarre event captivated the skywalkers across America and even prompted party mongers to hold “Solar Watch parties”.

The voyagers crosses the magnetic superhighway:

The spacecraft which was originally launched in 1977, finally, passed beyond the influence of our sun and entered the interstellar space in 2012. During this span, the spacecraft sent breathtaking photos of our solar system including the famous “Pale Blue Dot”.

Snapping Pluto:

We thought that Pluto was gone but with the help of New Horizons, four years ago, we were able to see the beautiful close-ups of the planet and its five moons. This mission enabled us to learn a bit more about Pluto and its radius.

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