Brilliant or Creepy? The Future of Digital Avatar is Here

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Ok, so everyone is familiar with artificial intelligence, right? But have you ever heard of an artificial human? The closest answer is robots obviously, but robots don’t feel things, right? Let alone convey emotions and learn from past experiences? That shit is creepy if you think about the possibilities it entails but also has a sharp underline that screams “brilliance.”

Samsung’s subsidiary “Star Labs,” unveiled something that has the potential to change the game. The mysterious project called “Neon” was unveiled to the world. What is it exactly? They’re just human like Avatars that share the program reality of Alexa and Siri, but there is so much more to it. Neon looks real, way too real, have a look:

While the company’s first press release did not talk much about the actual underlying technology, it did sum up the intention. Neon is a new kind of life – In the words of Star Labs, CEO Pranav Mistry expressed the company’s vision of adding an entirely new species of life in the ecosystem.

What is it exactly?

A computer-generated avatar, Neon is designed to hold conversations with users like an actual human being. The trick here is that each Neon is unlike usual AI-driven programs (Siri, Alexa) and are designed for specific tasks. How? The company claims that its proprietary “Core R3” software’s approach is nothing close to Deepfake and is intended to create new realities altogether.

What is it meant for?

Star Labs made it clear that Neons aren’t meant for weather forecasts and other AI-driven assistant purposes. In fact, they are designed to “hold conversations.” Indeed! They form memories and also learn from new experiences. Imagine software that can talk to you in a way a human does. Not just talk but even look like an actual human. Neons can be used as teachers, actors, health care providers, financial advisors, TV anchors, etc. Something that wasn’t even remotely possible or conceived a decade ago.

Brilliant or creepy? We are yet to see this technology translate to reality, but it is safe to say that audiences are in for a treat.

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