Are The Future Generations Being Moulded By Catastrophe?

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I was wondering the other day, how are children getting affected by everything that is unfolding in the world? Through the years, they have witnessed an array of disasters with no perceptible end to it. From being part of active-shooter drills since pre-school specifically in the United States to extreme weather conditions. I don’t know if we can tell the younger generations what normal/predictable weather seemed like.

Now, of course, COVID 19. I couldn’t help but think about my own younger sister. She is just 12, and I’m not sure when she will see the inside of her own classroom again. In fact, she won’t even be able to go out and play for quite some time. A factor that could affect her mental as well as physical stature in the long run. Even though she is acting strong and happy, I can feel that it has a psychological price. Hearing cases of small children breaking down in tears as they cannot embrace their own siblings or when they’ll be able to see their best friend again ascertains the ground reality. Adults aren’t able to reassure us as they aren’t sure of the outcome themselves.

Is it a far better world that we are looking at in the future? The existing chain of events screams gun violence, pandemics, and increased climate change with nothing stopping it. Teenagers and young adults can only hope to bring about the required change. I can’t say that it isn’t happening.

Accelerated radicalization has led to global awareness about climate change and inequality among various other things, demanding change in the most basic of habits. Children asking adults to bring about changes for better?

A bitter truth to digest.

What do you think?

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