Anand Mahindra: A Fitting Example of Humanitarian in a World of Aggressive Social Media

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Everyone can earn money, but everyone cannot earn respect. It is your gestures that make you do so. And, that too, in a world full of instant judgments on social media, it is very easy to lose your cool and, in doing so, react to something in a way that will induce a 180-degree flip of your social image.

The recent act of Kunal Kamra is an example of that. The comic garnered sympathies of many Indians after he was banned by a handful of airline companies following his heated confrontation with the prominent T.V. journalist, Arnab Goswami. However, the same set of supporters criticized him and lost all their respect for him when he mocked the “Janta Curfew” act of the government which was performed to celebrate the efforts of all the essential workers who are fighting for the nation.

The comic’s example is to show how fickle social media. On one day it is with you, and on the other, it stands against you. It is pretty easy for a person to succumb to the demands of social media.

However, there is one man who has been the epitome, perhaps a milestone of social media. He has not only gained a lot of respect for his actions. He has genuinely found love on a platform where abuses and criticism are served as a hefty dose. His little yet impactful gestures have positively changed the life of many people.

Can you guess the name of this man? Let me pass you a hint: His name moves on the road. Still not sure who are we talking about?

We are in conversation about the kind industrialist Anand Mahindra. The chairman of Mahindra Group is an excellent example of how one should conduct themselves on social media. Knowing the fine line, he has a dignified way of tweeting his thoughts. Besides, his presence on social media is an illustration of how influential leaders can help others in achieving their dreams.

Hence, as a part of our tribute, we present before you a few instances where Anand Mahindra with a combination of his power and internet won over the audiences on social media.

Significant gestures of recognizing people for their efforts

Passion is important, and age is just a small numerical barrier to achieve that. And, Anand Mahindra highlighted the same about 94-year old Harbhajan Kaur. He even tagged her as “entrepreneur of the year”.

Indeed, this gesture to celebrate the success of Harbhajan Kaur was pure gold by him.

Reaching out to people

The fact that he is ever-present on the internet makes him reach out to his audience, which is a great thing! On similar lines, he reached out to a visual artist who was protesting against the dismal state of roads. The artist placed a life-sized crocodile in north Bengaluru’s Sulthanpalya Main Road.

Seeing that, the industrialist shared the images of the artist and asked his audience if there was a way to reach that artist. And, when he did, he promised the artist to get back!

Helping independent and young workers & entrepreneurs

A while ago there was some news regarding how a young lad, who was a son of a millionaire businessman, was found washing cleaning vessels in a hotel in Shimla. Though many perceived this as a normal runaway story, Anand Mahindra was quick to point out that this was a chance taken by the youngster to become independent. Impressed by him, Anand Mahindra even offered him an internship at Mahindra Rise!

Acknowledging innovation and ideas

Innovation and creativity are a part of entrepreneurial growth, and the same can be said about a cobbler who advertised his work by “jakhmi joote ka aspatal” (Hospital of broken shoes). Mighty impressed, Anand Mahindra tweeted that the cobbler should be teaching in IIM’s, given this catchy marketing skills. He further located the cobbler and helped him in getting his own workplace!

Honoring the efforts made by our ladies

There is no hiding the fact that our female counterparts have to make a lot of sacrifices to achieve their dreams. Yes, everyone does, but our sacrifices are nothing in front of them. They have to multi-task with such responsibilities efficiently. Further, it is a big possibility that we might break down if they were given to us.

And, he honored the same. He also helped a woman expand her food truck, ‘Halli Mane Rotties’, by asking to personally invest in her business.

What he has done for the society is too big to write in this small post yet Anand Mahindra has, in the true sense, inspired us to become better humanitarians with each post.

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