A Friendship which I almost ruined

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Things happen when you least want them to happen and the best part is you end up ruining them. A pro tip ー one should always listen to the mind over the heart.

However, I made the mistake of going with my heart. You read books, watch videos, and listen to your best friend who motivates you to do all sorts of stunts.

So, motivated to commit stupidity, I picked up my phone dialled her number and said…

A year back…

“What the fuck man! There is no potential in our office,” I said.

“This has been our script bro! From school to the office, we have been surrounded by men. I have accustomed myself to this condition,” Taran said with a sense of disgust and disappointment.

Taran’s voice
I could sense the discontent in Taran’s voice.

There was truth in his words, we indeed have been surrounded by men. Taran has been my best friend since day 1 in our kindergarten. Luckily, we got to the same college and got the same course. When we thought the placement companies could throw us into different corners of the country, there we were in Mumbai sitting beside each other. Quite a game of destiny!

Nevertheless, days passed by but, finally, this girl with open hair, smiling and glowing face with a yellow top and white jeans to brighten the office. Man! She was something because it was the first time I saw nerds raising their heads. She had a fragrance that smelled like jasmine. Her big round silver earrings gave an impression of the beautiful rising sun.

I wanted to say hi but it stuck somewhere in my throat. Hell! This is worse than Marcus Rashford taking freekicks.

Empathy is a great thing, and before I could find the guts, she said, “Hi! I am Akriti.”

A struck “Hi!” came out from my side. Man! Should have waited for a sec.

In a short conversation, I came to know that she was from St. Xavier’s College, hailed from Indore and was hired as a content analyst. I told her that I came from Delhi, graduated from Fergusson College and was in the social media department of that firm. We could feel the instant connection between us, had a similar background and almost the same trajectory of our careers.

Our friendship grew with time. The calls increased, and there were frequent outings. Spending time with her was beautiful. Every second spent felt like an hour. The energy and vibes with her were different.

feel the connect
I could feel the connect, the bond, time felt like slipping sand with her.

With things going in the right direction; the rumours and advice played their part. I became a little restless to take this bond to the next level. Taran used to give me an hour-long lecture on how I could end up getting friendzoned by Akriti.

All this seriously scared me out of my wits, the feelings I had for her began to feel something else, something which I was unaware of!

Being with her felt like not being with her. Hence, I decided that today was a fine day to tell her what I felt.


“Akriti, there is something I need to tell you about and we need to meet for this.”

We reached our favourite Bayview Cafe and then…

“What is it? Anything serious? You Okay?” she asked.

“Yeah! Just needed to tell you something which is making me restive.”

“Okay Go on!” she signalled, and then, for about an hour I continued speaking and concluded with, “I just want to say that I have started to feel different for you. Don’t know what it is! Is it love or infatuation or maybe, I am being stupid about our bond. But I just want to tell you that I don’t want to end up just being your friend.”

After listening to all this, she stood and started to leave, I followed with a sorry face and a sorry on my mouth.

I felt I have ruined everything I had!

She stopped and said, “You know this is what happens,” my heart thumping like a falling truck, “You don’t respect what you have. Never expected this from you,” she continued.

I stood there numb. My feet were not moving and I could barely hear anything. She then called an auto-rickshaw and asked me to join in. Was she not mad at me? Fearing what will happen next, I took a seat beside her. She then said, “I didn’t expect this to happen now but a long time back.”

“So what was that?” I asked still comprehending the situation.

“A little drama to see the look on your face! I felt this a lot before you and was waiting when will you open your feeling about us.” she giggled.

As much as I was trembling, I was also elated to know that she also felt the same and realised that speaking your heart not always ruins.

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