#9Baje9Mins An Intent Of Not Bowing Down

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United we stand, divided we fall; and this is a battle, we must win it all!

If appreciating and clapping during the Janta Curfew was a statement of togetherness, then #9Baje9mins, on 5th April at 9 pm, is going to be a statement of intent, which says that WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN!

The people of our nation proved that we stick together in tough times.

Behind all this, one has to acknowledge the efforts made by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has been a charismatic leader in the time of scarcity. Hardly one can figure out a name who leads the way Narendra Modi does.

The fun thing here is that he has different ways of doing things. When he came, he made Yoga, a world-renowned practice, an instant favorite in the hearts of his people. Such was the craze that the sale of yoga mattresses, in India, hit its all-time high during that phase!

With a series of events, he brought Janta Curfew. Though born in Italy, Janta Curfew kicked-off our fight against COVID-19. It was also a measure which, in some sense, paved the way for the lockdown. Importantly, it was a gesture to celebrate our medical warriors who are working day and night, sacrificing themselves and their families for our well-being, and are subject to high-pressure conditions.

janta carfeu
Small step wins a big fight. #9Baje9mins is just that.

However, if that was a gesture, the upcoming event is a declaration that in this time of darkness we will stand tall and together. We must unite to spread light, a ray of hope to ignite the fire in our hearts to fight this tough time. #9days9mins, we don’t have to do much, just stand on your gate or balcony(don’t step out of it), switch off the lights in your house, light a candle, diya, or your mobile flashlight in your hands, and just stand there for 9 minutes.

We might feel what is this; but trust this, in these moments of uncertainty, this process will make us realize that we are not alone in this fight.

Further, in his video, PM Narendra Modi said, “We must all go through this darkness together… those who are most affected by this are the poor and marginalized. To overcome this darkness, we must all unite to spread the light… make this darkness of coronavirus meet the light we all spread.”

Seeing how things are panning out, one is bound to say that India is leading the race to become fit as soon as possible; and, the way our leader is handling this situation, one is bound to say Waah Modi Ji Waah!

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