7 Unexpected PERKS Of Being Single!

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Just had a breakup or worried about being single for a long time???

Well don’t be.

Singlehood is a boon my friend. It has its own perks. It is not something to worry about. It is something you should enjoy.

Want to know an open secret???

Most of the people who are in a relationship for a long time crave to be single again. Although it’s just the fear of losing someone who cares for them or the feeling of hurting someone they care for is what holds them back.

So here are a few perks that might boost your confidence to get back to singlehood and not regret being a single

     1. Freedom

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If you are a single, the remote of your life is in your hand. You don’t have to take permission from anyone anymore. You feel, taste and smell freedom all around.

     2. MeTime

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You get to spend some quality time. Not with someone else but yourself. It is always important to have your own space to think for yourself. Having some me time helps you have that space and work upon yourself.

     3. Savings

No need to spend on costly dates and gifts for someone else. Instead you can save them and spend it on yourself or even better invest it in something useful.

 4. Gang Bang

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Being Single means you don’t have to take permission or worry about going out with your friends or for partying with them at your place. Just join the gang and have a bang.

     5. Flirting and Flings

Being Single doesn’t mean that you have to be that ‘SaktLaunda’. There are many others out there who sail on the same ship as you do. There is nothing stopping you except your moral consciousness to grab the opportunity. For those who are newly single, you don’t have to wait for Daal Chawal any more when you have 56 Bhog on the platter.


     6. No more fearing the rings

One good thing that happens when you are back to singlehood is that you don’t have to fear any commitments. Nobody is going to kneel down in front of you with a ring.

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     7. Enjoy your Sleep

You don’t have to spend your nights with your ears on the phone saying babu, shona, baby, etc and listen to someone as if it was a compulsion. Sleep whenever you want, free of compulsions.

Source: yanahealing

So all that I want to convey is that, it is ok if you are not in a relationship. You can always enjoy being single too.

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