7 Most Insane Things Ever Done With Friends In School

Funny School memories
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Undoubtedly, the school has been the best part of our lives. We go there to study and we end up making friends. Those friends who stand with us life-long. No matter what happens they meet despite their busy schedules. Yes, some might act in a way which breaches the limit of one’s tolerance yet at the end of the day they are the same person with whom we shared our tiffins, had our giggles, named our teachers. Indeed, school is special. How can we expect to make friends without going to school?

Apart from friends, we discover something new about ourselves every day. The drama, events, sports and yes, the hooting for school in the events is everything we went for apart from our studies.

Huh! Just nostalgic even while writing. So, the question is what insane things you did in school? Let’s recall.

1- Gang up when you call a fight a “matter”

This has to be part of your life. “Abey, launde bula. Matter hogaya hai!”, and suddenly there is a group or two of fat and some strong guys with their skinny leaders waiting for the word-fight to end.

Gang FightCredit-TCM

2- Went to the toilet and came back when the period was about to end

Well, the bunkers and sportsmen of the schools can relate to this. “Sir! Please may I go to the toilet, it’s very urgent sir please!!!!” The call of nature seems to be an urgent one but it is good enough to trick the teacher.

Giphy imageCredit-Giphy

3- Taking the responsibility to fill everyone’s bottle so that the boring period passes

This is a good and social deed. After all, elders say that “ pani pilane se punya milta hai”, and this was the most convenient thing to go out in the summer when the class is nothing but boring.

Taking The ResponsibilityCredit-Giphy

4- Eating tiffin and getting slapped

This is the best part and the backbenchers are damn lucky! But for the front benchers, there is never a better sight than seeing the backbencher getting slapped from the teacher.

old school daysCredit-Giphy

5- There is always a scapegoat in the class

There has to be one person in the class who is the hitting material of the teacher. Anything wrong in the class happens and the name of that particular guy is the first thing to come out.

School memoriesCredit-Giphy

6- Cracker in the restroom

This is the menu for Diwali. Cometh the Diwali, cometh the sound of bursting in a quiet school either after assembly or interval. There are only rumors of who did it but the real culprit is never to be found.

Crackers in schoolCredit-Gifb

7- The game of Tom and Jerry with the teacher or principle:

This is the best thriller one can ever witness. The participants do all sorts of workouts in this. The roaming in the college becomes a challenge for the student and the need to catch that student becomes a demur for the teacher or the Principal. The students in the classroom are generally the ones who enjoy this the most.

Tom and Jerry with teacherCredit-Giphy

Huh! See, remembering this has put a smile on your face. It will put it on anyone’s face, school is like this. We don’t like waking up early when we are there but when we leave it, these are the memories which remind us how lucky we were that we had the chance to experience all this.

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