6 Hacks to Keep the Winter Boots Clean and Tidy

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Winter is finally here and one thing is sure that your boots are going to face the wrath of this season. Further, issues like salt stains or dark scruffs will aggravate which will make your life a little difficult in terms of cleaning them.

However, one should not worry about things anymore, here we bring you with six remedies that will help you in maintaining your boots stylish and squeaky clean all season.

How to get rid of salt stains:

If you have noticed any sort of ring-like mark on the boots then it is the first sign that your shoes are struggling to keep up the pace this winter. Howbeit, to remove it; all one needs to is to mix water with three drops of vinegar and rub the mixture on the exterior part until the stain vanishes. After this, pat the shoes with a soft cloth and leave it for a couple of hours to dry them.

 Using leather shoe conditioner

Like your hair, your leather shoe requires some conditioning. Having said that, after you are done getting rid of the leather shoes; it is time for you to store them after applying leather conditioner on it.

This will help you in getting your style statement back by reviving the cracked leather and bringing the shine back on the boots.

 Using a filler for suede boots

Due to its sensitivity, a suede boot is a bigger problem than a leather boot. What you can do is that you can begin by dusting off the dirt with a brush. Once done, you can use an eraser or a nail filer on the marks that are stubborn and at last, you can spray some suede protector on it to prevent it from more stains.

Using essential oils to remove the odour

It is a fact that having a sweaty feat leads to bad smell; however, one can thank the existence of essential oils. With the help of these oils, one can easily get rid of these oils. Further, to neutralise the smell, one needs to make a mixture of baking soda along with a few drops of essential oil, and spray that mixture on the boots.

 What if your suede boots get wet

Having a suede boot is a nightmare but there’s a trick to make them look good again. Try using a microfiber towel then blot the boots to remove moisture. Doing this will help the material get some stiffness.

 Preventing Wrinkles

Wet leather shoes are bound to shrink, thus, getting wrinkles. However, to prevent this, one can invest in shoe trees which keep the shape of the shoe intact. This also helps in getting rid of the moisture. So, one must try this!

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