5 Books that will Reinvent your Journey as a Reader

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Books. Today I will leave it just there. As kids, we had this knack of picking different comics and storybooks, which interested us, to read and know what our favorite character did to battle out the villain or unveil the famous suspense of a Hardy Boys novel.

As we grew up, something happened! So drastic and dramatic that today we only bend our heads to check the status or an update from a friend on our social media handles. The best friends, our books, have been shadowed by a technology that offers us nothing apart from fear and anxiety.

Hardy Boys

Why such a thing? Why are we distancing ourselves from the books? Are we forgetting that books are the best friends who only demand your time? Books are the best! They never complain. Besides, what they do is they leave a lasting and nourishing impression on your mind.

As Ernest Hemingway said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” So, if you are feeling alone or left-out or are unable to decide what you really want to do in your free time; we would suggest you pick these:

All this could be yours Jami Attenberg

All this could be yours

Built around family secrets, All this could be yours by Jami Attenberg revolves around the family matriarch Barbara. Barbara is the only one who knows her husband’s secrets. His daughter Alex feels that she finally has a chance to unravel the hidden mystery of who her father really was.

The novel’s bewildering narration will draw you with its slow unveiling of the family characters and the circumstances that trap them with different secrets.

Permanent Record Edward Snowden

Permanent Record

Perhaps, you have watched the movie in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrayed the character of Edward Snowden with dexterity. However, seeing a movie is just a small portion of a human/ story’s account.

This book is an account of how a young dissent and a former spy spills the beans of CIA and NIA, two of the world’s most powerful intelligence unit.

An end to suffering: The Buddha in the world Pankaj Mishra

An end to suffering

This book is a perfect mixture of some part of a traveler’s experience and some part of intellectual history. In this book, the writer describes and presents an account of how he developed an acute interest in Lord Buddha, his past, and how Buddhism became a world religion.

Heads you win Jeffery Archer

Heads you win

There have been many fiction authors and have produced some great work. However, there is rarely anyone of Jeffery Archer’s caliber. This author has the ability to grip you in his book. With subtle yet fast-moving narrative, Jeffery Archer’s Heads you win is the epitome of thriller, perhaps after Clifton Chronicles. If you have a thing to feel what old Britain was like, then Jeffery Archer’s books are the best to experience that.

Who moved my cheese Dr. Johnson Spencer

Who moved my cheese

Perhaps, I should have mentioned this book in the starting. But if I would have, then you wouldn’t have checked out the four books as mentioned earlier.

If there is ever a problem in your life, be it professional or personal, this book is your savior. This book is something that I cherish as a blessing from my father. Though a very thin book, this book holds the secret to a happy world. Dr. Specer Johnson, with his humor and quirk, has spun a very nice story around two mice and two little people for the hunt for their cheese. Cheese here is a metaphor which I will not mention. I will urge you to buy this book only for you to discover what secrets this book is hiding inside!

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