5 Big Things to Look Out For in 2020

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Okay, we are done looking back. We’re back with a fresh new approach, and this time we are venturing into the future. 2020 is a promising year bringing with itself a plethora of innovations and product launches that are sure to change the world. Don’t believe us? Just look back at the 2010s. From music streaming to 4g and self-driving cars. The innovations are such a perfect fit in our lives that we have almost forgotten that it all unfolded in a few years. Therefore we won’t be overselling if we were to say that we are stepping into something phenomenal and are going to experience some monumental advancements.

Just so we are clear, we aren’t going to talk about iPhone 12’s or the One Plus 8T Super Pro or any other tech that witnesses an annual upgrade. This one is about “big changes.” Let’s begin.

5G and Data Handling

Thought 4g was fast? Wait till you experience this mammoth. 5g is said to be an innovation that is going to change the internet itself. Yes, you heard that right. What does it entail? Fresh business models, new products/services, and more. That being said, we are sure to see something related to 5g this year, but whether we will experience its full power is still debatable.

NextGen Gaming Consoles

Gamers start saving money. Holiday 2020 is going to rip you off your savings. The PS5 and the new Xbox are confirmed for release. Not to mention that gaming is going to get even better. As if graphics weren’t realistic already, they decide to bring in real-time ray tracing. Shut up and take my money!

Solar Orbiter

The joint vision of NASA and ESA will witness reality on February 5th, 2020. The Solar Orbiter will lift off from Florida. The mission? To get as close to the sun as possible. Ummm, let’s be more precise. 0.28 AU from the sun. That’s hot, folks!


Online streaming has seen considerable growth with new players stepping into the market with poise. 2020 is going to take it to the next level. With HBO Max confirmed for release, it is going to get tough for viewers to choose the best alternative.

More Electric Trucks

Let’s face it; Tesla’s product launch wasn’t lenient at all. As much as we appreciate the creative and engineering genius that went behind it. But no worries, we have more trucks coming in, and the electric automobile segment is going to change the world for good. Rivian and Lordstown Motors are launching new models this year to compete with Tesla’s unique cybertruck.

So, there you go. We’ve got five big launches that are going to change the landscape in one way or the other for different industries. Needless to say that the list doesn’t end here. A very Happy New Year to all.

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